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Subsea Expo 2022 Invites Industry to Meet and Discuss Oceans of Opportunity

Just as the world prepares itself for life post-pandemic, the much-anticipated Subsea Expo 2022 will provide a long-awaited platform where the underwater industry to come together in person.

Organised by the Global Underwater Hub (GUH), Subsea Expo 2022 will take place at Aberdeen’s P&J Live from 22-24 February under the theme of ‘Oceans of Opportunity’. The event will focus on how the UK’s underwater engineering industry can capitalise on underwater opportunities in the global blue economy, the underwater segment of which is set to grow from £50bn to £140bn by 2035.

More than a thousand delegates have already registered to attend the world’s largest subsea exhibition and conference and, with travel restrictions continuing to be lifted around the world, organisers expect that number to increase over the coming weeks.

Nearly 100 exhibitors have also confirmed they will be setting out their stalls and, with some limited capacity remaining, there is scope for that to increase.

Subsea Expo 2022 comes a full two years after more than 6,600 delegates attended the last event, one of the biggest attendances on record in the event’s 15 year history.

Coming as it did as the industry emerged from one of the most protracted oil and gas downturns, the mood was upbeat, with renewed optimism in oil and gas and increasing excitement in the opportunities arising from energy transition and the burgeoning blue economy.

Concluding just weeks before the world went into lockdown, no-one could have predicted what would follow and that the opportunity for those in the industry to get together again in person would be more than two years away. Plans to hold the event in 2021, first in February and then again in May, had to be postponed due to the restrictions in place as the pandemic continued to dominate every aspect of life.

Neil Gordon, Chief Executive of the GUH, said: “The way we have worked and conducted business over the past two years may have changed, but that doesn’t mean that things have stood still. So much has happened in that time.

“Companies operating in the underwater arena have continued to innovate, demonstrating their expertise by developing world-leading technology and honing new skills which have maintained the UK industry’s position as a global leader. The pace of energy transition has picked up dramatically and most underwater companies are playing a vital role in that journey to net-zero.”

The opening plenary session will feature experts from the offshore energy, defence, marine renewable and aquaculture sectors who will highlight the opportunities available in these rapidly growing markets and how industry can capitalise on these. Over the course of the conference, presenters from a range of sectors will also cover key industry topics including underwater solutions for the energy transition, autonomous solutions, marine science and sustainability and subsea technologies for offshore renewables.

Entrance to the exhibition and conference is free of charge. Pre-registration is recommended via the website. For information on availability of exhibition space, contact:

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