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New Robust, Maintenance-Free LED Floodlights From Glamox Offer High Light Output & Long Lifetime

Global LED lighting specialist Glamox has introduced a new range of LED floodlights for safe areas in marine and offshore applications. The floodlights provide high light output, durability and a long system lifetime.

The FL70 range of LED floodlights are designed using the latest COB LED light source and LED driver technology, providing a virtually maintenance-free lighting solution. The floodlights are suitable for all high and medium intensity lighting requirements, with light outputs available from 27,000 up to 54,000 lumen.

Following thorough heat conduction and heat dissipation simulations, the floodlight design and components, including a powder-coated anodised seawater-resistant aluminium housing, are optimised for harsh marine and offshore conditions, ensuring a long lifetime of 100,000 hours (L70B50).

7 different beam angles

Different applications on a marine vessel or offshore platform require different beam angles, from general lighting on a deck that require a wide angle, to focussed lighting of safety-critical areas. As a result, the FL70 LED floodlight is available in 7 different beam angles of 18, 27, 39, 60, 80, 100 and 120 degrees.

Easy, time-saving installation

When it comes to installation, time is money. To make the installation quick and easy, the FL70 can be connected in groups of three, with one luminaire providing power to the other two, i.e. only one of the three luminaires requires a junction box. Many customers will also find the lightweight design (9 kg) an advantage when it comes to installation. Multiple connection options and an adjustable bracket further simplify the mounting and operation of the floodlight.

Robust and reliable

Floodlights can be critical in ensuring a safe working environment. Therefore, they need to be robust and reliable in all types of weather conditions. The FL70 floodlight is designed to operate in ambient temperatures between

-35°C and +55°C. The seawater-resistant aluminium housing

provides a protection rating of IP66/67.

For more information on the FL70 range of LED floodlights from Glamox, please visit

Tel: +44 (0) 7719 547 175


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