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KBA Training Centre Pte Ltd – Delivering Quality Training for a New Generation

As a new level of structure is established in the global environments of work and home life, this is a business structure that is very different from 18 months ago.

The change has been dynamic and quick. Fortunately, KBA Training Centre Pte Ltd (KBAT) was well prepared and adapted with agility and speed. KBAT has enhanced our structure by utilising our strong foundation of delivering quality training since 2006. KBAT is the only training centre in the world that provides the full range of practical training from the heights of IRATA Rope Access training to the depths of the ocean with our government approved Inland/ Inshore commercial diver training.

To complement this vast range of training skill sets, KBAT has quality training facilities which includes a dedicated rope access training hall, Working at Heights training structure, frames and associated training equipment. A dive tank for various commercial diver training skills, recompression chambers, surface supplied diving equipment, a jetty training venue, and a deep water training venue. To complement ‘great heights and depth’ of our training, we have a full range of medical training facilities for our International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) Diver Medic Technician Training.

Where these practical training courses are conducted in Singapore, they remain popular and fully booked, as individuals are retraining, and companies are training staff to meet contract requirements. However, KBAT remains global and with the virtual training studios we have established, KBAT has set a new precedent of ‘training without borders’. Our virtual studios are akin to leading news channel studios, with modern means to deliver quality training to anywhere in the world. KBAT has adapted by running our popular courses such as the IMCA Trainee Air / Bell Diving Supervisor training in time zones of Singapore and UK (Europe/Africa). This enables individuals to attend quality training with as little disturbance to their normal daily routine in their country of residence, enabling them to focus on the quality learning experience, enhancing employability, competence, and safety in the workplace.

As training developments move into the future using interactive technology, KBAT will continue to be the leader by introducing these methods to our industry.

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