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Digitalisation Event to Focus on People Over Technology

Business intelligence company, Offshore Network, are next month hosting the Upstream Digital Transformation Conference, a digitalisation event, but not one that’s looking at technology. Instead the event focuses on the ‘people’ aspects of digital transformation, with sessions including discussions on culture change, skills and collaboration.

The idea for the conference was developed following three months of primary research by Offshore Network into the main challenges faced by leading figures in the area. The findings were a little surprising. Again and again, those interviewed sited issues relating to people, rather than technology, as the ones that required most of their attention and efforts.

But it makes sense when you think about it. Digital Transformation is as much a business change as it is a technology change, and therefore effective change management strategies are key. Much of the technology is already developed and tested, and so the challenge for companies now is to adapt the way they operate in order to utilise that technology in a way that delivers value.

If the industry is to make digital transformation a success, and to find ways of overcoming these challenges, then it is crucial that its key players come together to share their experiences and exchange ideas. In light of this, Offshore Network will be hosting presenters and panellists from Shell, BP, Equinor, Eni, CEPSA, Wintershall Dea, Var Energi, Neptune Energy, Spirit Energy, Premier Oil, Petrofac, the OGTC and the EIC.

The conference will be running as virtual event with 5 afternoon sessions from the 8-12th February. You can attend for free by registering here.


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