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OTAQ OceanSENSE Leak & Cement Detection System

OceanSENSE™ is the market leading florescence based underwater leak and cement detection system proven on over 1000 offshore projects globally since 2010 and with close to a 100% success rate.

OceanSENSE Diver Held

The system is deployed in a variety of applications, including locating leaks in subsea hydraulic control systems, flowlines, risers and infrastructure. Mobilised in a pre-commissioning role, OceanSENSE™ is used to confirm the structural integrity of spool tie ins, pipelines and subsea structures. The system is widely used to detect cement returns at the seafloor when forming new wells, where it reduces cementing costs and therefore can save vessel time. OceanSENSE™ is also deployed in a decommissioning role detecting cement returns during plug and abandonment operations.

Extremely sensitive, the system detects the presence of fluorescing trace dyes in the water column and therefore the leak, far below industry standard dye concentration levels. OceanSENSE™ emits high intensity light at a wavelength specific to the fluorescing dye under detection.

OceanSENSE ROV Mount

The agitated dye emits light at a different wavelength which is detected by the system. The system multiplies this light many thousands of times before analysis, with the topside software unequivocally communicating to the operator the presence (or not) of the dye. The system removes human judgement from the detection operation thus enabling repeatability of results across multiple work sites and scopes.

OceanSENSE™ has a detection capability approximately 50 times that of the human eye and unlike other florescence leak detection technologies, is classed as a ‘bright light’ system, where ROV’s lights do not have to be turned off during detection making the whole operation significantly safer and faster. The system is proven to reduce the environmental impact of subsea operations while also reducing offshore operating costs. Available in ROV Mount and Diver Held versions, OceanSENSE™ has been deployed globally by offshore industry leaders such as Oceaneering, Fugro and Subsea 7 i-Tech.

Tel: 01224 673301

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