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Underwater Inspection at TWI

Underwater inspection is a growing field that provides excellent employment opportunities for those who are trained in the required skillsets. The combination of commercial diving skills and inspection knowledge means that qualified underwater inspectors are highly sought aft er for a variety of industries around the world.

TWI offers a suite of underwater inspection courses, including refresher courses, for those wishing to work in this growing field. Our widely respected underwater inspection courses provide qualification at four different levels for this sought-after skill-set.

The courses start by providing theoretical instruction related to general underwater and close visual inspection, including the use of video and photography. This most basic level also provides training on cathodic protection and ultrasonic digital thickness measurements.

Progressing through the courses will deliver additional knowledge and skills, including magnetic particle inspection, weld toe grinding, and an overview of electro-magnetic techniques, all to CSWIP-approved standards.

The courses also offer quality assurance training, including the calibration of video equipment, closed circuit television use and interpretation and recording methods.

At the highest level, TWI’s underwater inspection training will teach advanced NDT techniques, recording and processing data, interpretation and recording, quality assurance, intervention and inspection, planning and briefing.

With a career progression spanning NDT Inspection diving and ROV inspection to underwater inspection control, the CSWIP certification will prove your competence to any prospective employers.

TWI also off ers renewal courses for those who need to update their CSWIP certification. These renewal courses cover practical and theoretical elements, which can be tailored to meet your requirements. CSWIP certification is recognised around the world, meaning that you can prove your competence no matter where your career takes you.

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