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Large Bolt Tensioning Takes Centre Stage at OE2019

Heico Fasteners UK will be demonstrating the large bolt tensioning capabilities of their innovative HEICO-TEC® Tension Nut at the upcoming Offshore Europe 2019.

Tensioning of large bolted joints usually requires the use of specialist tooling, a factor that adds additional costs and delay. Tightening a bolt with a hydraulic cylinder has the disadvantage of the nut not being pre‑tensioned while the bolt was elongated and so a percentage of the elongation of the bolt is lost in joint settlement meaning only around two thirds of the bolt strength can be utilized.

The unique design of the HEICO‑TEC® Tension Nut not only eliminates the need for specialist tooling but also maintains the full capacity of the joint. In fact only a standard hand held torque wrench is needed to achieve the required tension, resulting in savings in both time and money in comparison to more specialised tooling.

The HEICO-TEC® system is also ISO 898-2 compliant which means that it can directly replace any commercial hex nut from the same strength class, a benefit not typically available with common tension nuts.

As Paul Windsor, National Sales Manager at Heico explains, the company are looking forward to attending OE2019 and showcasing the major benefits of HEICO-TEC® to visitors from across the industry, “We are really looking forward to demonstrating this unique tensioning system at the show. Tensioning of large bolts in excess of M20 can be very demanding but this system makes the whole process a lot easier and much more economical. We will have a demonstration rig on our stand that will allow visitors to see for themselves exactly how the system works with technical experts on hand to discuss their particular applications and how we can help them.”

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