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North Sea Winches & MJR Controls collaborate to launch 'Active Winch'

Active winch is a joint venture between two long established leaders in the manufacture and control of winch projects, North Sea Winches and MJR Controls.

Active winch has been established to provide solutions to an expanding market, providing safe, efficient and reliable machinery and controls for offshore, marine, Oil and Gas, renewables, oceanographic and equipment handling markets.

Robert Gretton at North Sea Winches and Paul Cairns of MJR Controls have over 50 years’ experience in the winch and controls market, delivering bespoke handling and control projects to the likes of BP, Total, Shell, Technip, Subsea 7, DeepOcean, Saipem and many others. Both companies have built up a workforce that understands the requirements to deliver equipment that works first time, on time.

An Active Winch package is a single solution that integrates a patented Active Heave Compensation control with a purpose-built winch. This single, purpose built approach enables AW’s customer to benefit from all the key features of both the winch and the control.

North Sea Winches and MJR Controls recently designed, manufactured, commissioned and support a state-of-the-art quadrant handling system for offshore contractor DeepOcean. Working closely with DeepOcean the 2 companies supplied equipment including a 20Te Active Heave Compensation winch, a 5Te Constant Tension Winch and three 110KW HPU’s to operate the two winches and an over boarding A-Frame.

The new equipment which is the core of the Active Winch evolution has greatly improved cable lay times, being able to complete two cable lays in a 24-hour period, while the active heave function meant working through what would have been hold points in poor weather conditions.

The new joint venture enables a focused delivery of active heave and constant tension solutions to the offshore and marine markets.

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