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Tough Just Got Tougher

The new Peli 0450 Tool case offers the mobility and benefits of a rugged watertight Peli Protector™ Case and has been re-modelled to make it even tougher in extreme conditions. The design now features an aluminum rail slide system, each tray slides out into a secure position for easy access to tools and can be effortlessly removed for repositioning or cleaning.

The robust design has been tested to meet and exceed US military standards; withstanding extreme temperatures and drops, the 0450 can endure rough handling and the worst offshore conditions while keeping tools intact.

The top compartment features a removable utility tray and a lid that opens 180° to create a mobile work area. For case security the 0450 features metal butterfly compression latches and tamper-resistant, stainless steel padlock protectors. The case also features two automatic pressure equalisation valves (one in each compartment) that prevent vacuum lock and make the case easier to open at extreme altitudes.

The 0450 is designed specifically for ease of transportation; stainless-steel, ball-bearing wheels (which are field replaceable) for all terrain mobility and a widened wheel base to stabilise the case on soft and hard surfaces. A heavy-duty, extendable pull-handle and an extra-deep handle on each end of the case ensure the 0450 can be lifted from two positions when open or closed. Foot-pads at the bottom of the case and depressions in the lid allow for multiple cases to be stacked.

The 0450 case is available in two configurations:

  • 0450SD4 with 4 shallow drawers and 2 deep drawers;

  • 0450SD6 with 6 shallow drawers and 1 deep drawer.

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