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Tiger Lifting Manufacture and DistributeHoisting and Winching Products Globally

Including the Tiger Subsea Lifting Range

We pride ourselves on continual innovation. In 2015 we commissioned a leading, independent, cross-disciplined research and development organisation to carry out a series of saltwater multi-immersion tests on our subsea lifting hoists. From the learnings of this successful test regime, our next generation SS19/20 range of subsea hoists were produced.

Our SS20 ROV chain blocks, ranging from 3t to 30t lifting capacity, are designed to give unprecedented long-term reliability; the subsea brake incorporates our patented Quad Cam Pawl System and a two-stage finish offers excellent corrosion protection and high impact protection – they are ideally suited for multi-immersion applications.

Almost 11 years ago Tiger innovated and lead the way in manual hoist braking safety. The Tiger patented and proven Quad Cam Pawl System is a standard feature in our ROV chain blocks. The unique reciprocating pawl design ensures permanent engagement of one of the pawls in the ratchet gear, without relying on pawl springs. This system is

suitable for subsea fleeting operations and other harsh environments and ideally suited for use offshore.

Tiger ROV compatible chain blocks are available with various interface options, all in accordance with BS ISO 13628-8:2002 ROV Interfaces on Subsea production systems, tested and finished in accordance with Annex’s B & K of BS ISO 13628-1:2005:

  1. Hydraulic Hot Stab connection dual port type A and B. We have designed and built a Type A & B Dual Port Hot Stab Female receptacle that is protected by our full 316 Stainless steel frame handle with 4 built in connection points for the work class manipulators to hold and operate. This exclusively designed system makes for a well-balanced unit that sits perfectly when installing the unit within the project rigging. We use high quality dual direction check valves that prevent loss of the hydraulic fluid within the system when the hot stab is removed. These valves have a dual purpose as they ensure the minimal level of contamination to the system from sea water.

  2. Rotary Torque Receptacle Classes 1,2 & 3. These units can be supplied in Classes 1+2 or class 3 giving maximum tooling flexibility whilst only requiring an operational torque of 50Nm to lift 20 tonnes.

  3. D Handle, T-bar or Fishtail Direct Drive manual connection. Using the same guard frame as the torque tool interface built from 316L stainless steel giving maximum protection, this option gives a very flexible operator- friendly interface by incorporating a high strength but flexible compliance joint making for a very positive and reliable direct drive mechanism.

Also available with QD Direct Drive Couplings. The QD interface is supplied with a female and male 3/4 BSP ISO 16028 flat face, radial ball locking quick connect coupler set providing fast and efficient hydraulic connection, allowing the hoist to be controlled from the deck HPU. Complete with the same equipment as the hot stab interface but more compact in design for areas with reduced access.

Tiger ROV Chain Blocks have been successfully deployed globally for many years in various subsea sectors where work class ROVs are utilised.

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