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Though Born At Sea, Cygnus Delivers Accurate Thickness Inspection To Any Underwater Environment

The latest addition to the Cygnus Subsea range - the new Cygnus Underwater, is an incredible advance on its predecessor with a host of smart new features, specially designed to operate seamlessly in an array of diverse conditions, simultaneously accomplishing greater accuracy and usability. 

While well-known as the tool for offshore inspection, it is also invaluable to inland waterway applications.

Offshore Applications

Cygnus Underwater is built for the toughest environments and it doesn’t get much tougher than the most remote parts of the ocean. Offshore applications include:

  • Offshore Platforms and Mobile Offshore Units (MOUs)

  • UWILD and IWS class ship surveys

  • Subsea pipelines and equipment

  • Subsea storage tanks

Now a multi-mode gauge, the Underwater is ideal for measuring through-coatings and heavily corroded metals. This is hugely beneficial at sea where the harsh, abrasive wave action of deep seas causes some of the most severe cases of corrosion.

Ship hulls, for example, suffer corrosion just above the waterline due to excessively corrosive deposits from evaporating seawater spray. Cygnus Underwater saves marine vessels covering needless miles to reach dry dock and experiencing downtime, by facilitating UWILD or IWS Class Surveys whilst ships are enroute.

Where corrosion is high risk, protective coatings are quick to follow.

Ships and subsea structures are often coated, yet not 100% protected, and still need testing.

Although not new to Cygnus Underwater, the Multiple-Echo mode remains the best method for verifying accurate through-coat measurements, specified by Class Societies. 

Paired with Cygnus’ Deep-Coat function capable of ignoring coatings up to 20mm thick, this is the ideal solution for coated vessels and structures.

Inland Applications

Endless inland waterways stretch across continents. Some on an enormous scale across vast areas like the US and Asia. Inland applications include:

  • Civil engineering (i.e. bridges and pipelines)

  • Canal locks and dams

  • Workboat and barge hull inspections

  • Marine structures (i.e. piers and jetties)

With such diversity in the nature of these waterways, the gauge is designed specifically for the simplest and fastest operation, so you can focus on navigating unfamiliar environments safely. 3 quick function keys and an intuitive menu boost speed whilst 4 dynamic screen views display instant results as basic (measurement readings), live A-Scan or datalogging on a large colour LCD screen - highly visible, even in low-visibility waters.

The gauge has also gained a Depth Sensor - a brand new feature to Cygnus’ Subsea range. This is a live, accurate depth indicator for the diver, tagged automatically onto readings for reference so the diver knows where they are and at what depth the readings were taken.

The new Cygnus Underwater is available to PRE-ORDER NOW. Look out for more updates on our social media and website for the official release date! 

To learn more, visit the Cygnus Underwater page: 

Alternatively, scan the QR code to get a quote. Get £200 off using code SOS23.

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