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The World Is Tightening Up on Safety – Cygnus Keeps You Ahead of the Game

There is an increasingly sharp eye on workplace safety to protect workforces, the public and the environment. Government legislation, regulations and assessment bodies are all tightening up, setting higher expectations and putting pressure on companies to lower their tolerance for incidents, take accountability and become an advocate for workers’ safety.

In addition to the growing demand for greater longevity of equipment as material costs soar across the globe, regular structural maintenance is no longer just essential, but incredibly valuable.

Achieve exceptional safety, with no compromise on productivity Cygnus Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges are all designed to achieve three key structural integrity inspection goals; accuracy, speed, and usability, both on the surface and underwater. The Cygnus ROV UTM Deep Water Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Cygnus’ latest NDT equipment release for subsea, is no exception. It performs Class surveys and subsea inspection, repair, and maintenance (IRM) of offshore infrastructure and underwater equipment including;

  • Oil & Gas platforms;

  • Marine structures;

  • Offshore wind turbines;

  • Underwater pipelines;

  • Civil engineering.

This dedicated ROV mountable, highly intelligent ultrasonic thickness gauge is the only ROV UT Gauge with live A-scan, specifically designed to measure metal thickness in the harshest subsea operating conditions at an impressive depth of up to 3,000m. It boasts an impressive array of features that make it a highly efficient, extremely fast method of testing to ensure safety requirements are not only met but allows weaknesses in structural integrity to be identified in advance, protecting against unexpected, costly downtime and getting you ahead of the game for future tighter regulations.

These useful features include:

  • Through‑coat measurement using Cygnus’ Multiple‑Echo technology and Echo‑Echo measuring modes, as specified by Classification Societies – No need to remove coatings!;

  • Automatic selection of an optimal measuring mode for the best results;

  • Quick, accurate visual verification of measurements through live A-scan;

  • Rugged construction tailored to working in harsh environments;

  • Intuitive and extremely easy to use;

  • Ability to conduct in-service inspection without an operation shutdown.

A comprehensive instrument to cater for diverse users and applications Cygnus ROV UTM’s live A-Scan capability presents a perfect example of highly advanced verification of thickness measurements through detailed visual analysis at the topside. Combined with a high‑performance piezo‑composite probe, this thickness meter delivers excellent inspection accuracy and efficiency.

The addition of Echo‑Echo and Single‑Echo measuring modes opens further opportunities for measuring challenging materials, in particular heavily corroded metals with largely worn or no remaining coating. What’s more – operators can manually select a measuring mode or use the Auto SE/EE/ME mode which automatically selects an optimal measuring mode for the best measurement results. The system comes ready to go with CygLink software to display and process measurements on a computer at the surface while supporting easy‑to‑use calibration and measurement settings.

The big timesaving, little extras The P50 Probe Handler is cleverly designed to self‑align the ultrasonic probe onto straight pipes, from 50mm/1.96in diameter to flat surfaces.

Compatible with a choice of T‑bar or fishtail manipulator handles, the spring- loaded probe and V-shaped block ensure the probe is positioned correctly and accommodates different pipe diameters. The gimbal allows the probe to move to align onto the straight pipe surface when used with an ROV manipulator arm.

The Cygnus ROV UTM, like all Cygnus products, is manufactured in the UK and holds the UKCA mark.

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For more information:

+44 (0) 1305 265533

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