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The New Peli™ 9050 LED

Peli Products UK celebrate their 30th anniversary and launch an innovative addition to the range of tough Peli™ portable lighting instruments.

The new Peli™ 9050 LED is the first model in the industry that can be powered by a flexible battery system that can run on Li‑ion battery packs, AA Alkaline or AA NiMH cells. The quick-change battery system provides the user with continuous lighting via rechargeable 7.4V Lithium Ion battery packs, or up to 16 AA Ni-MH/Alkaline batteries.

With a light output of up to 3369 lumens there is a choice of Spot, Flood, or Spot & Flood combined, without the need for diffusers or attachments. Designed to stand on end, the 9050 features a 112.5° tilting head to angle the beam exactly where required.

The Peli 9050 features a battery level indicator and coloured rear taillights (Green, Blue, or Red). It is designed to serve professional users in a diverse range of industries including Utilities, Offshore, Marine, Search and Rescue, Electrical Contractors.

David Smith, Sales Director for Lighting Products commented “We are incredibly excited to bring the 9050 to the UK market, knowing the impact it will have in improving workplace safety for professionals. The addition of the versatile power pack ensures the user always has a backup, should the rechargeable batteries run low whilst in use at a critical time. The ability for the 9050 to switch between a dedicated flood, and a high power search spot beam provides the user with a multitude of possible applications in just one compact and lightweight LED hand lamp.”

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