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Teams Can Now Work Even Smarter And Faster Than Ever Before

With Snap-On’s Newly Enhanced Tool Management System

When every second makes a difference, the need for a streamlined tool management system that works seamlessly, while also saving time and money, is more urgent than ever. 

In a fast-moving workplace with multiple technicians checking multiple tools in and out of your stores, having automated safeguards in place can improve efficiency, minimise loss and damage, and provide complete peace of mind. 

That’s where Snap-on Industrial’s newly upgraded and expanded integrated tool management portfolio comes into play. 

Launched at the prestigious Red Bull Racing headquarters in Milton Keynes, with invited guests from the power generation, aerospace, and rail industries amongst others, Snap-on’s enhanced product range now offers a completely connected experience driven by state-of-the-art software to help teams work faster and smarter than ever before. 

The expanded range now includes the transformative ATC Portal and True-Crib™ software, as well as the next generation of the ATC Box and Locker, all powered by its advanced L5 Connect software. 

Think of Snap-on’s upgraded L5 Connect software as the command centre of your operation: a single platform and single source of truth tracking every touchpoint that managers, supervisors, and technicians need to know. Offering completely customisable dashboards, the technology is even easier to use, more secure, and can now be tailored to meet each organisation’s specific requirements. 

With L5 Connect uniting every Snap-on tool and management system, all users can track every tool, log damage, monitor withdrawals and returns, and generate insightful reporting. An entirely automated system, Snap-on newest generation of ATCs, used in parallel with L5 Connect, minimise the risk of human error, save time, and improve security. 

Richard Packham, Director UK & Europe for Snap-on Industrial says: “Snap-on’s updated Level 5 offering is now more connected to our customers’ needs than ever before. The range, powered by L5 Connect, combines speed with control at all user levels, supporting companies of every size and complexity.”

L5 Connect

A configurable, expandable, and uniquely powerful programme, the new L5 Connect is the most important part of the puzzle. Managers, supervisors, and technicians can now access a local and global view of their tool management, quickly and easily tracking tools, identifying those in need of repair, and pulling bespoke and built-in reporting. The result is an intuitive control centre that provides unrivalled accountability, enhances user productivity, and offers an exceptional level of security.  

The new L5 Connect software builds on its previous iteration by offering:

Filter screens and reporting by individual toolbox;

Access a live feed of all Level 5 ATC devices and software across the facility or multiple locations;

View a comprehensive image-enhanced audit log, filtered by tool or user;

Customise reports, alerts, and notifications to suit your needs;

Benefit from upgraded security enhancements;

Interface with existing systems via an enhanced API.

ATC Portal 

A self-service environment working in tandem with the True Crib, the unique ATC Portal is the ideal solution for large tool storage spaces or designated tool rooms. With two cameras, an RFID scanner on each side, and a touchscreen PC, managers can always have a complete digital and visual log of all users and tools. Completely customisable to fit any gate dimension, the ATC Portal is secure, easy-to-use, and can be effortlessly integrated with your existing tool management protocols via L5 Connect.

Key features of the new ATC Portal include:

24/7 access for authorised employees;

User-specific audio prompts in their preferred language;

Advanced RFID-based serialised inventory management;

Powered by L5 Connect.

ATC Box 

An innovative point-of-use solution, Snap-on Industrial’s ATC Box has already revolutionised the way tools are managed. The new and improved Generation 4 model is even more powerful, providing an improved image of tools inside the box, processing those images even faster, and offering an interface driven by colour so that teams can now identify tool status at a glance. If an organisation has multiples of individual tools, the ATC Box also allows for seamless pocket-swaps. 

Improvements from the Generation 3 ATC Box include:

Expanded 13.3” monitor;

Faster computer with increased memory;

Latest Wi-Fi Dual stream;

Improved illumination for enhanced tool detection;

Powered by L5 Connect.

ATC Locker

The ATC Locker is the perfect point-of-use product for oversized and unusually shaped tools that would not naturally fit within the drawers of an ATC Box. Operating on the same platform and monitored with RFID scanners, the ATC Locker offers compliance at the speed of work. There’s no limit to the number of tools that can be stored, a charging point is included inside, and it’s even possible to set up dual verification to monitor smaller tools such as individual drill bits in a box.

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