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Super Duplex Tubing from Fine Tubes

Now Available with Enhanced Strength Corrosion Resistance for Subsea Applications

Super Duplex tubes from Fine Tubes are now available for oil and gas and chemical process markets with enhanced

capabilities for hostile, high-chloride applications.

The NORSOK M-650 approved tubing offers increased strength and corrosion resistance as compared with standard Duplex grades to deliver an extremely reliable product performance. These advantageous properties result in reduced production downtime and maintenance costs.

Other advantages include very short lead times, specialist non-standard specifications and the ability to create bespoke orders in small batch sizes. Super Duplex is available in straight lengths that can be seamless cold redrawn and annealed in outer diameter sizes from 3mm (0.040 inches) up to 31mm (1.25 inches).

The versatility and enhanced capabilities of Super Duplex ensure that the tubing operates effectively up to 100,000psi for a range of demanding subsea applications. These include heat exchangers, flow meters, downhole pressure housings and smart wells, subsea Xmas trees and manifolds, injection and ballast water, and other critical oil and gas instrumentation applications.

Nick Head, Tube Product Manager at Fine Tubes comments, “Downhole tube systems are subjected to some of the most corrosive and hostile subsea conditions. Standard alloys corrode quickly, incurring re-fitting costs and production downtimes and delays. Our Super Duplex tubes are custom-engineered to meet the stringent industry requirements and offer greater corrosion resistance for aggressive environments that demand total product reliability.”

Fine Tubes operates out of Plymouth, UK. It is one of five business units that make up AMETEK Specialty Metal Products (SMP), along with Superior Tube, Hamilton Precision Metals, AMETEK SMP Eighty Four and AMETEK SMP Wallingford.

Nicholas Head

Product Manager Tube


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