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Subsea Bolting Made Easy With HYTORC

Industrial bolting doesn’t have to be complicated and with HYTORC by your side, you don’t need to worry about downtime, safety and accuracy. HYTORC has your back 24/7. Our mission is to optimise safety, quality and schedule in industrial bolting through innovative solutions, and an unyielding commitment to world class customer service.

Stealth Subsea Operation Video —

HYTORC’s specialists help support the industry with the expert advice, knowledge and problem-solving skills with a range of solutions including:

  • The STEALTH and MXT Plus hydraulic torque wrenches which are the latest hydraulic bolting technology.

— Made from aircraft grade aluminium;

— Versatile configurations for virtually all applications;

— Industry leading safety with hands free bolting capabilities;

  • The HYTORC Washer System is a unique, patented system eliminating the need for reaction arms and custom fixtures.

— Eliminates hand injuries;

— Eliminates side‑load;

— Reduces variation in bolt load across the flange;

— Improves accuracy and precision.

  • The Simultorc™ bolting process utilizes multiple HYTORC tools simultaneously on your bolting application.

— Reduces Assembly and disassembly time;

— Provides even bolt load across the flange face;

— Improves accuracy and precision.

  • Subsea Bolt Tensioning Equipment.

Contact HYTORC today to learn more!

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