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Solutions For Complex Handling, Lifting & Rigging Challenges!

Every day Safelift Offshore find themselves in discussion with personnel operating at the sharp end of handling & lifting operations, interacting with the client’s technical authorities and safety departments to develop and optimise a solution to overcome a specific handling problem.

“Having a business partner with a collaborative, fresh & innovative approach to solving often very complex & specific handling, lifting or rigging equipment challenges within multiple energy industries is of paramount importance” observes Hugh Ramsay, Group Sales Manager.

“This is where Safelift Offshore excel because of constructive dialogue with the client and a proven willingness

to complement their own efforts to achieve the best outcome in terms of the performance, safety & versatility of the equipment they need to utilise for a particular application or work scope,” he adds.

A recent Case Study demonstrates the company’s ability to routinely deliver these sorts of product solutions.

Davit Crane: New-Build FPSO CHALLENGE: The customer required a solution to enable Pigs to be handled

& lifted within the mooring turret complex on a new-build FPSO project. The equipment design had to be explosion proof for use in an ATEX Zone 1 hazardous area and be in full compliance with NORSOK R-002 & their own strict project specification.

SOLUTION: Design and supply a pedestal mounted fixed Davit Crane incorporating a manuallyactivated hydraulic hand pump enabling the jib to be extended or retracted and moved up or down; provision to swivel 360°; special user benefits included a steel overlapping weather cover protecting the bearings against water ingress, a Plaswood hook buffer preventing steel on steel contact when winching & removable handles to let the operator achieve sufficient torque to rotate the crane under load.


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