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Safety Comes First With OTAQ Class-Rated Penetrators And Diver Communication Systems

OTAQ Connectors design & manufacture underwater connectors, penetrators & communication systems. Our range of products are used by Offshore, Oil & Gas, Seismic, Commercial Diving, Renewable Energy and Nuclear Industries. Established since 1997 (originally as Link Subsea), we have extensive knowledge and experience in underwater products for demanding applications.

Operating from our Cumbria and Aberdeenshire based facilities, we have dedicated in-house Engineering, Manufacturing & Pressure Testing capabilities that enable us to offer quick and tailored services to meet both standard and bespoke customer requirements.

OTAQ are proud to be fully ISO 9001;2015 accredited through DNV.

OTAQ Connectors design and manufacture a competitive range of penetrators suitable for manned and unmanned surface and subsurface pressurised systems. Various threaded NPT & UNF options to suit customer requirements are available. All our penetrators are designed, manufactured and tested to meet DNV, ABS and Lloyds classification requirements and to specific customer needs. As standard, on the inboard side we use class approved wire covered in a Low Smoke, zero halogen heat shrink and on the outboard side, Polyurethane jacketed cable or a Neoprene jacketed cable, depending on customer preference.

The penetrator compromises of a fully pressure blocked glass filled epoxy insert with turned gold plated brass contacts ranging from 4mm² to 0.5mm² depending on customers’ requirements. The wired insert is housed within the Aluminium Bronze, 316 Stainless Steel or Titanium penetrator shell. The penetrator shell has a safety shear notch machined into the body to prevent the loss of pressure integrity in the event of the penetrator being damaged. The outboard cable and the over-moulding covering the cable entry into the Aluminium Bronze or 316 Stainless Steel shell, is of polyurethane and bonded to both the body shell and cable jacket. Cable entry can be straight or at 90 degrees to the shell as desired. 

OTAQ’s field proven underwater diver communication systems can be configured with a range of connector types such as Marsh Marines and Hi-Use connectors. 

All assembly arrangements for the bone-conductor earphones and connector (left, right or dual) can be catered for. 

This combined earphone, microphone and plate assembly allows communications to be added to the Aga/Interspiro Divator II mask by the removal of the front cover plate via two screws. The earphone is subjected to the ambient water environment and so is a sealed, solid moulded assembly for greater strength and water proofing. It contains a sensitive bone-conductor type earphone to provide clear communications to the diver. The microphone is a splash-proof high-performance unit which is open to the gaseous environment from within the mask.

Please contact our Sales Manager, Beth Holmes per contact details below for more details and to discuss your connector needs.

+44 (0) 1524 748080

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