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Safelift’s New & Versatile Range Of High Performance Non-Powered Counterbalance Floor Cranes!

Identifying a demand from a varied customer base across multiple energy industry markets, Safelift Offshore has designed & developed a range of non-powered Counterbalance Floor Cranes which offer the user portability, safe operation & versatility.

With base models ranging from 0.5 through 2.5 tonne capacities they can be appropriately sized for any customer application permitting movement & operation even within highly space constrained work locations.

A premium specification manually activated hydraulic system allows the height of the lifting boom to be positioned throughout its operating range.

A high efficiency slew bearing gives 360° rotation and once set‑up in the correct place for the handling operation which is to be performed the user can then apply locks to prevent unwanted further movement. There is dual redundancy on the latter feature as an extra safety measure.

Each unit has 3 possible lifting boom positions with the crane itself being mounted on a heavy-duty frame configured with high quality swivel castor wheels to facilitate excellent manoeuvrability across a wide range of floor surfaces including offshore grating.

The push/pull user handle can be fitted at either end to provide extra flexibility. Extendable outriggers ensure maximum possible stability once positioned.

Safelift’s range of Counterbalance Floor Cranes can be rated for both ATEX or Safe Use zones and come as standard with a proven 3-coat marine/offshore paint specification applied to provide maximum environmental protection.

Each one is comprehensively tested & fully certified prior to release to the customer and is supplied with full Safe Use guidance. Initial and / or recurrent product training for the customer’s personnel can be provided.

A dedicated lifting set can be fitted too.

“We feel sure the introduction of this new design of Counterbalance Floor Crane will make a positive contribution to customer-led demand for a highly effective but non-complex means of safely performing multiple lifting operations across any given work site, particularly, where space constraints are a factor.” observes Hugh Ramsay, Group Sales Manager, who adds that Safelift have the capability to re-engineer the base product to meet specific parameters or all selection criteria.

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