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Rockatek Unveils Its RS-1 Rotary Seal Test Rig

Rockatek, a distinguished Engineering Consultancy, proudly introduces the RS-1 Rotary Seal Test Rig - a bespoke test system meticulously designed to address the persistent challenges of rotary seal reliability in downhole drilling tools.

With a profound understanding of the issues surrounding rotary seal failure in the demanding downhole environment, Rockatek presents the RS-1 as a cutting-edge testing solution that sets new standards for understanding and enhancing rotary seal performance.

Key Features of the RS-1 Rotary Seal Test Rig:

Comprehensive Testing Parameters: Engineered to replicate realistic downhole conditions, the RS-1 handles differential pressures up to 2000psi and temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius, providing a true simulation of the challenging drilling environment. Note that higher test temperatures are possible with minor rig modifications.

Rotation Capability: The central shaft of the RS-1 applies rotation up to 300rpm, mimicking the dynamic forces experienced by rotary seals during drilling operations.

Size Flexibility: Accommodating seal diameters from 8mm to 200mm in diameter, the RS-1 provides testing capabilities for a range of seal sizes commonly used in downhole drilling applications

Multi-Chamber Design: With three separate internal chambers, the RS-1 allows for testing seals with different fluid media enabling real-world simulation and cross-media performance assessment.

Real-Time Monitoring: The RS-1 incorporates real-time measurements of temperature, pressure, RPM, and torque, ensuring precise monitoring and data collection throughout the testing process.

Proven Success in Testing Scenarios:

The RS-1 has undergone rigorous testing scenarios, including longevity tests lasting up to 500 hours. Rockatek has successfully tested seals for several clients, assessing existing designs’ durability and pushing seals beyond their intended operational conditions to evaluate performance under extreme circumstances.

Unrivalled Capability in the Market:

Rockatek’s RS-1 Rotary Seal Test Rig is a unique and unparalleled testing solution. With few rigs offering independent test capabilities, the RS-1 fills a crucial gap in the industry by providing seal manufacturers and downhole tool Engineers with comprehensive insights to enhance their rotary seal reliability.

The Path Forward:

Rockatek invites industry partners, seal manufacturers, and downhole tool Engineers to explore the RS-1.

By engaging with Rockatek, companies can gain valuable insights into their rotary seal performance and proactively address reliability challenges.

Rockatek remains committed to advancing Engineering excellence and is proud to contribute a groundbreaking solution to the field of downhole drilling technology.

For enquiries, demonstrations or collaboration opportunities, please contact: 

01452 379 844


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