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PETRODIVE Unveils Offshore Wind Ambition

PETRODIVE provides oil and gas contractors with a full range of services for its clients to assist at every stage of the life of their oil field, from diving and subsea services, ROV, marine services and Inspection, Reparation and Maintenance.

In an interview, Stéphane Troté, CEO and Owner of PETRODIVE, told us more about the company and its future plans.

Could you tell our readers what PETRODIVE is about, what are your capabilities?

With an expertise of more than 20 years, PETRODIVE covers THREE main domains:

  • Subsea services including diving (Air system down to 50 metres, mixed gas system down to 70 meters, saturation system down to 300 meters) and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV services);

  • Marine services (Rig Maintenance, offshore Marine Hoses);

  • IRM (Inspection, Reparation and Maintenance).

In 2 continents:

Our head office is in Dubai, but we operate mostly in:

  • Africa (Senegal, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Congo, Gabon);

  • South America (Trinidad and Tobago).

Diving operations require exceptionally specialized training for individuals. With access to highly trained, experienced air and mixed gas divers, and self-sufficient dive support vessels with hyperbaric medical facilities. Petrodive is capable of undertaking a comprehensive range of subsea activities that support offshore wind operations across

the Africa and the Caribbean.

How has covid affected your business how is the subsea sector faring in the markets you are serving?

We are not oil Contractors or International Oil and Gas Companies; we provide a broad of subsea and marine services to international Contractors, so we did not feel the real impact of the COVID19 pandemic. Indeed, our operations have been perturbed with stopped flights and travel restrictions as our team of divers are in rotation in different countries, but we have adapted work practices to help safeguard the health of the workforce on its vessels offshore. Fortunately, our activities continue since drilling maintenance remains important for our clients.

We are very optimistic as now there are many opportunities all across the subsea supply chain in offshore wind.

What are your company’s growth plans?

Since 2018, PETRODIVE established in Trinidad and Tobago. Some of our local clients would like us to be more mobile across the sub-region (Brazil, Guyana, Mexico, etc.) That is why the next step is to expand our operations into South America to increase our entire capacity across South America.

Petrodive also plans to develop her expertise in supporting the development of offshore wind farms.

What keywords can define the know-how of Petrodive?

Petrodive provides clients smart and ingenious solutions for their subsea works: efficiency, speed of reaction

& delivery, cost-effectiveness.

Petrodive’s divers use their experience to meet specific needs in underwater work and in hostile and confined environments.

The group also intervene in environments with significant risks related to containment and the nature of the gases that make up the atmosphere.

The technicians of Petrodive combine the know-how of hyperbaric works and works on ropes in order to carry out works in confined spaces.

Whatever challenges Petrodive have, Petrodive’s teams will find the best solutions. Petrodive is a well-established partner for diving, ROV services, marine services and Inspection, maintenance and repair in Africa and South America.

+971 4 453 8800

Instagram - petrodive_group Twitter - @petrodive

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