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Non-Intrusive Inspections Deliver Safe, Quick And Reliable Insights For Subsea Pipelines

Better data leads to better decisions

The development of non-intrusive pipeline inspections has been a major advance for the offshore oil and gas industry, providing operators with greater access to highly accurate, real-time data at ever greater water depths. 

Modern inspection systems provide insights on both internal and external corrosion, detect blockages, and can identify flow issues from the outside without the need to remove protective coatings or shut down production. 

Tracerco, the leading industrial technology firm providing detection, diagnostic, and measurement solutions, is at the forefront of advances in pipeline inspection systems and technologies. Its range of asset integrity services avoids intrusion and loss of production and can deliver a significant reduction in campaign costs.

Results online and in real time

Integrating subsea CT scanning technology into pipeline inspections has enabled the delivery of critical flow assurance and integrity data without removing the pipeline’s coating. It provides a better understanding of the pipeline, its coating, and its process fluids – while the pipe remains operational.

An external scan and high-resolution images of the pipe wall can determine the precise sizing of wall thicknesses in minutes. Tomographic imaging can identify flaws, pinpoint the location, and assess the volume and density of material or deposits.

Tracerco’s Discovery™ subsea pipeline inspection system delivers accurate material results, distinguishing between wax, sand, hydrate, asphaltene, or scale deposition within a density differential as low as 0.05 g/cm3. It allows quick and reliable identification of water ingress and the safe and accurate tracking and location of pipeline pigs. 

Inspect any complex pipeline system

By delivering real-time data online on any pipeline system, including pipe-in-pipe, pipe bundles, unpiggable pipelines, risers, and jumpers, operators can determine the length of time a pipeline can be extended past its original design life.

Fast screening technology that can reduce overall scan time by up to 80% means more data than ever can be captured from a single inspection and can save up to a third on the costs of pipeline inspection campaigns.

Safe, accurate, reliable

Subsea pipeline inspection systems are often used with pipeline screening technology to locate blockages in pipelines. 

Tracerco’s Explorer™ allows the rapid screening of several kilometres of pipeline at typical speeds of up to 100 metres per hour without interrupting production. Non-intrusive with no requirement for preparations, it measures flow assurance from the outside and can be deployed at depths of up to 3000m (10 000 ft). It can be used to inspect a wide range of pipe diameters and systems including rigid coated or uncoated pipe, pipe-in-pipe, bundles, and flexibles. 

Keep production targets on track 

Combining screening and inspection technologies provides a greater understanding of an asset’s integrity and flow performance. Identifying potential issues before they become major problems avoids the need to design a new pipeline section or undertake pipeline modifications or recommissioning work. 

Being able to scan and inspect assets accurately and quickly while allowing production to continue is enabling operators to make critical informed decisions, safely and efficiently.

Tracerco are exhibiting at Subsea Expo Stand No. 32

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