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Liftable Truck Handling Solution from Safelift Offshore - The Ideal Choice

Originally developed to facilitate the safe and efficient movement of Scaffold Clips around offshore installations the tried & tested 4-Wheel Liftable Truck design from Safelift Offshore’s extensive proprietary range of access, height safety, handling, lifting & rigging equipment provides the user with significant upsides in terms of ease of use, reliability and versatility.

The large capacity basket area accommodates a high volume & wide variety of loose items in a manner that prevents them from becoming dislodged or falling off the truck thereby eliminating the prospect of dropped object type risk during transportation from one job site or storage location to another.

The sturdy puncture proof foam filled tyres allow for the straightforward movement of the truck even where rough surfaces are present or over small obstacles like cable ramps for example.  

Embodying heavy duty construction specifically engineered to meet the rigours of multiple energy industry applications often in harsh climatic conditions the user of Safelift’s Liftable Trucks can be assured of their ROI and because each unit is individually NDT’d & load tested they can also be guaranteed safe handling & operations.

Available in a range of different sizes & capacities ranging from 750 Kgs through 2500 Kgs in terms of their lifting capacity, these Liftable Trucks incorporate a steering mechanism & detachable handle as standard plus an integral storage box fitting too. Additional user options include a parking brake & steering stop arrangement.

Each individual Liftable Truck is configured with 4 symmetrically positioned certified lifting points & supplied together with a 4-part wire rope sling assembly conforming to BS EN 13414 to let them be handled from one level to another on an offshore location or across the quayside and onto a vessel instead. 

Whether you’ve a requirement to move general materials or specific items on a repetitive long-term basis in an optimum manner using an industry accepted product Safelift Offshore’s Liftable Truck solution represents the ideal & safe choice.

Contact the company to obtain further details!

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