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How Film-Ocean Utilises Technology To Enhance ROV Inspection Operations!

Film-Ocean’s inspection projects are typically in-service inspection campaigns incorporating fixed, floating underwater inspections in lieu of docking (UWILD) and subsea inspections - delivering a high-quality service to the client as per their asset integrity plan. A standard inspection tends to include a visual inspection utilising HD video, project-specific marine growth cleaning, Ultrasonic Wall Thickness (UWT), Flooded Member Detection (FMD) and Cathodic Protection (CP). 

Inspection surveys are delivered as streamlined as possible. Each ROV system is well prepared before mobilisation, undergoes thorough testing and checks, and is equipped with all the necessary spares that may be required, giving the offshore crew members the best possibility of completing the project to a high standard, cost-effectively and on schedule.

The UCKS has been a focus for Film-Ocean; however, they also regularly deliver inspection projects globally.  Significant growth has been achieved in West Africa (with two long-term inspection contracts in Angola, Congo and Senegal) and the Middle East (with a long-term Inspection campaign in Qatar). With the diversification of offshore energy infrastructure, Film-Ocean’s ROV systems have recently conducted more offshore wind inspections in the North Sea, Norway, Denmark and Germany.

Film-Ocean targets new technologies that easily fit into the business model of offering technically proficient operations at an exceptionally competitive price. As with the rest of the industry the potential of remote operations is a key development. This can be tiered to meet specific client requirements and allow for a much more flexible and efficient way of working. Additionally having the capability of developing advanced modelling and imagery utilising the IVM photogrammetry system, allows advanced analysis of significant anomalies discovered during a typical inspection. Being able to bring these two technologies together allows in depth analysis without having specialist technicians offshore.

Ross Latham, the Inspection Project Manager at Film-Ocean, has a long track record in subsea inspection, with experience in operating and managing ROV systems and projects.  The switch to a fully onshore position at Film-Ocean in 2020 allowed Ross to develop his expertise more on ROV inspection operations.  Working with a dedicated inspection team, Ross has expanded his inspection knowledge and expertise, which he applies continuously to deliver the high-quality results that clients expect. 

Ross states, “We continually seek ways to enhance the services that will benefit our clients.  Our free flying ROVs have been used effectively on platform-based inspections where long excursions are required. Our recently acquired IVM photogrammetry tooling has been delivering vital dimensional information to our clients, and our remote onshore inspection capability has proven beneficial on numerous projects in the last year.  I expect this to become something clients will call on more frequently.”

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