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High Pressure Containment and On-Site Machining Solutions for the Energy Sector

For 50 years, Destec Engineering Ltd. has delivered high quality and innovative engineering solutions to industry challenges.

Specialising in ‘High Pressure Containment’ and ‘On-Site Machining’, the company has developed both products and services for the oil and gas and power industry. Formed in 1969, Destec now takes pride in its most versatile and a very wide range of in-house designed and manufactured portable machine tools.

Known for their quality assurance, their clients are drawn to the versatility and adaptability of their products coupled with accuracy. Destec serves the client’s needs best through their cost- efficient solutions and their perfect surface finished products ensure that they hold well in-situ. Over the years, they have generated a sense of trust in their clients with their quality- assured products and onsite services.

Destec stands tall as a one-stop solution for all the machinery requirements. This implies cutting down significantly on the costs of stripping down, transporting to a machine shop, returning to site, and reassembly. That is why their clients rely on trustworthy services of taking a special-purpose machine to the job instead.

Destec’s products are the most-trusted by the oil and gas industry with their years of experience on the use of high-pressure and high-temperature metal-to-metal static sealing. Examples can be seen in the enclosed images. Their engineers are driven by quality assurance and follow established codes and standards for design modifications. Destec’s on-site machining service uses portable machines to carry out those modifications and re-build on site.

With their years of experience on the field and a passion-driven team of engineers, Destec has created a niche for its products and services which are unparalleled in the industry.


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