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ENSHORE & PANOLIN – Partnering for Sustainable and Environmentally Considerate Subsea Operations

As an environmentally responsible company with a long rich history in the subsea industry, ENSHORE SUBSEA is utilising PANOLIN high performance and biodegradable fluids throughout many of its assets to mitigate as much environmental damage during subsea operations as possible in the event of unforeseen spillage. Furthermore, the performance and longevity of the fluids as well as the dialectric strength are great assets in ENSHOREs operations.

Given the trenching systems work in a marine environment, sea water ingress to the asset is a high probability and therefore needs to be dealt with during offshore operations to avoid any potential damage to the hydraulic system and components. With this possibility in mind, ENSHORE SUBSEA were one of the first subsea operators to pioneer the use of additional filtration systems to not only protect the asset from water and particle contamination but to also prolong the life cycle of the hydraulic fluid in use. Furthermore, the PANOLIN EAL’s are non-emulsifying products that handle water very well during the operation of the equipment and the water can be filtered out eventually.

Today, ENSHORE SUBSEA are continuing with the use of PANOLIN high performance biodegradable hydraulic fluids across the range of assets to reduce CO2‑emission due to extended oil-change and service intervals. In addition, by reusing the fluid after contamination with sea water the assets are operating with a more sustainable and cost‑

effective maintenance regime during offshore operations.

In upcoming projects, in the Middle East and Mediterranean, ENSHORE SUBSEA will continue to dehydrate and filter the PANOLIN fluid. This will be ensured by using built-in filtration capabilities on offshore asset spreads that run a filter cycle when the Hydraulic Power Units are not in operation. Hence, ENSHORE SUBSEA can continue with the initiative, protect the environment and operate in a more sustainable way.


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