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Elmeridge Remains Flexible to the Needs of Their Customers

Elmeridge Cables Limited have been leaders in the production and distribution of custom-made cables since

1987, supplying a wide range of low, medium and high voltage special cables and stock items to a growing worldwide market.

One of Elmeridge's many strengths is their commitment to cable research and development. For over 35 years they have strived to develop more reliable and effective ways to meet the technical and practical demands within the Underwater and Marine sectors.

An example of this can be found in their solution to ensuring dependable cable quality for continuous use at greater depths. The use of hot melt encapsulation allows Elmeridge to produce cables tested to a depth of 6000 meters.

Elmeridge remains flexible to the needs of their customers, ensuring ongoing and lasting relationships.

In addition to custom cable, Elmeridge also hold stock of their own Marine Cat 5e, which is fully waterproof, and Divers communication cables in polyurethane (PUR).

Due to customer demand, Elmeridge have now expanded their product range to include medium and high voltage cables.

Working within the subsea and renewable energy market, they now produce power cables for offshore wind energy and sea to shore power links.

Their range of medium and high voltage cables cover the use of copper and aluminium conductors, in both single and three core, up to and including 600mm², and triplex configuration.

Elmeridge's umbilical cables are designed to transmit power, and communication across gas and oil fields. Elmeridge can provide signal and mechanical strength for subsea equipment, such as ROV’s and trenchers.

The Elmeridge Team has grown and we are delighted to welcome Mark Jones to the team as Technical Sales Manager.

Mark brings a wealth of experience to Elmeridge, spanning over 35 years, and has an in-depth knowledge of

the underwater cable market, having worked with Cogent, JDR and Technip.

Mark’s technical background covers a wide range of cable types, including electric (medium and low voltage), signal, optical fibre, umbilicals, flexibles, rigid pipes and connectors/terminations, and ancillary hardware. Applications within these sectors have included both subsea and land-based duct, direct burial, blown fibre and in-building.

Mark has successfully worked with customers to deliver safe and reliable cable installations for hazardous areas too, such as oil platforms, floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels, airports and public transport installations across underground and overground rail.

With the addition of Mark to the technical management team at Elmeridge, we now have over 100 years of combined cable experience for you to rely on for your next cable order.

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