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Diver or ROV Offshore Inspection? Cygnus Has Got You Covered.

Two impressive Underwater Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges – Cygnus Dive and Cygnus ROV UTM, boast multiple advanced features specifically designed for;

• Hull UTM Inspection;

• Civil Engineering;

• IRM of Marine Infrastructure;

• Offshore Platforms;

• Underwater Pipelines and Equipment;

• UWILD or IWS Surveys.

Did you know ship inspection is where it all started? Now companies worldwide choose Cygnus as a recognised brand born in the marine industry 40 years ago, renowned for extremely reliable and easy-to-use subsea and surface ultrasonic thickness testing equipment.

The shining star of the Cygnus Subsea Range

Cygnus Dive – a robust, wrist-mountable unit, was designed to aid divers in as many situations as possible and provide an invaluable free hand to perform ultrasonic thickness measurement underwater.

It is now our most popular diver gauge. With it’s large, bright display with Live A-scan – easily viewable to diver and camera crew even in poor visibility, it’s easy to see why. Using Cygnus’ Multiple-Echo mode for accurate through-coat measurements (as specified by Classification Societies) and Single-Echo & Echo-Echo modes for extreme corrosion, the gauge can measure a variety of surfaces and materials. Other options include data-logging with Auto-Log (storing up to 5000 readings accompanied by A-scan data); a range of ultrasonic probes to suit various applications; topside repeater facility, and finally, the HelmetView® – a clever remote display that sits flush on the outside of the diver’s helmet and allows the diver to see the measurement being taken without needing to look down – especially useful in ultra-low visibility or “black water”.

The only ROV Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with live A-scan – the Cygnus ROV UTM

This dedicated ROV mountable, highly intelligent ultrasonic thickness gauge is specifically designed to measure metal thickness in the harshest subsea operating conditions, up to 3,000m deep. Equipped with Cygnus’ Multiple-Echo technology and Echo-Echo measuring modes, it fits the bill for accurate measurements through coatings, as specified by Classification Societies – reducing time and costs. With the integration of Live A Scan, users can achieve advanced verification of measurements through detailed visual analysis at the topside. Combined with a high-performance piezo-composite probe, this thickness gauging equipment delivers excellent inspection accuracy and efficiency.

There is no tool better suited to perform Class surveys and subsea inspection, repair, and maintenance (IRM) of offshore infrastructure and equipment.

A new product is coming to the Cygnus Subsea Range soon! Keep an eye on o ur website and social media channels for sneak previews!

For more information about Cygnus Dive and ROV UTM, visit our subsea page at:

Alternatively, scan the QR code and get a quote using code SOS23 for £200 off on a gauge.

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