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NorSea Group fueling the future in Peterhead

NorSea Group UK (Ltd) has completed Phase I of its multi-million pound investment at its Shore Base within Peterhead Port with the opening of a new custom-built Marine Gas Oil (MGO) facility on Smith Quay.

Two MGO tanks, which hold a combined total of 3000m3 of fuel, are now operational. This represents an expansion in the range of services currently provided directly to clients by NorSea Group at Peterhead as project support and supply vessels can now be fuelled directly at the quay.

Walter Robertson, Managing Director of NorSea Group, said: “This investment delivers a much needed fuelling option for vessels supporting offshore activities. Project related vessels now have a full one stop shop capability. The project met the strict timeline with Global Energy being the main contractor manufacturing the tanks in Aberdeen while the large concrete bund was being built at Smith Quay in Peterhead simultaneously. Upon completion, the tanks were taken to Peterhead by PSV and lifted into position within the bund at NorSea Group.

“NorSea Group has formed a fuel supply alliance with the largest independent marine fuel supplier in the UK, to service the MGO facility. The modern, new-build tanks are directly linked by highly-sophisticated telemetry to the fuel supplier’s offices providing round-the-clock fuel stock monitoring which automatically triggers a resupply delivery before stocks run low.

“In addition to the direct fuelling of berthed vessels, the tanks are also equipped with automatic road loading facilities which can supply fuel to road tanker wagons for onwards delivery to the marine fuel market including Peterhead’s fishing fleet,” said Mr Robertson.

“As part of NorSea Group’s development programme at our Shore Base, the infrastructure is also in place to provide quayside fuelling at the adjacent Merchants Quay which will become operational during Q2 2018 when the existing fishmarket is relocated to Alexandria Basin.”

Ian Laidlaw, Chief Executive of Peterhead Port Authority, said: “Peterhead Port Authority welcomes the addition of fuel bunkers at Smith Quay and the ongoing investment from NorSea Group to develop a fully serviced marine base at the site.”

Phases 2 and 3 of NorSea Group’s expansion plans at Peterhead also include development of reclaimed land adjacent to Smith Quay, the construction of a mud plant and slops recovery tanks. When complete, NorSea Group UK will have a total of 58,000m2 of laydown area and 350m of berthing between the two quays enabling them to accommodate E&P logistics contracts and even larger projects for subsea, decommissioning and renewable work. NorSea Group clients will have access to a full range of base and logistics services at Peterhead, all managed on their behalf through a single point of contact.

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