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Bahco’s reputation for quality has always been strongly linked with safety.

The top priority for their designers and production engineers is to ensure that any hand tool, or equipment designed for working at height, which bears the Bahco name is absolutely safe to use. “Your safety is our concern,” says Mark Haywood, who leads the Bahco team in the UK and Ireland. “Our aim has always been to develop ergonomic tools which not only make work safer and less demanding but also protect users’ hands from muscle strain or injury.” A new Bahco Safety at Work product guide underscores that commitment with a focus on three key groups of tools: • Insulated screwdrivers, pliers and other tools used when working on live electrical equipment; • Non-sparking tools designed for working in potentially explosive workplaces; • Specialist safety equipment and tools which help prevent tools falling or being dropped when working at height. Electricians’ tools All Bahco insulated screwdrivers, pliers and other tools designed for working on electrical equipment are rigorously tested at 10,000V to ensure they are safe to use when working live at up to 1000V, fully meeting IEC 60900.

Good examples are Bahco’s ergonomic , narrow blade 1000V insulated screwdriver and their recently upgraded Bahco 2101S insulated side cutting plier set. The screwdriver solves the problem of how to reach sunken screws and spring elements in confined spaces safely and easily. Blade diameter has been reduced by 30% using integrated insulation. It also enables a higher transfer of force with less effort, while its ergonomic features protect even the toughest hands from the risk of muscle strain or injury. The super sharp cutting edges of Bahco’s latest insulated side cutting pliers enable a soft cut for copper wire or plastic, a medium hard cut for steel wire and a heavy duty cut for piano wire or similar. In tests these side cutters completed 50,000 cuts and were still going strong. Non sparking tools Bahco Non-Sparking (NS) tools are designed for use in potentially explosive environments, where conventional steel tools might create sparks in the presence of combustible or easily ignitable vapours, liquids and dust. They are manufactured in aluminum-bronze or copper-beryllium, making them both safe and suitable for use in hazardous environments. The Bahco range of NS tools includes hammers, pliers, screwdrivers and wrenches, as well as other striking and construction tools. Working at height Bahco’s Tools@Height range includes lanyards, pouches and belts, hang bags and back packs ideal for working at height in any location and weather. Tools with integrated, heavy duty loops and other attachments enable secure tethering to lanyards and tool belts. Any tool dropped from height can result in death or serious injury to people working or passing below and can damage vital equipment, causing expensive and disruptive downtime. Bahco is a member of the international DROPS scheme, under which major tool manufacturers around the world exchange information and promote good practice to combat the risk of workplace deaths or injuries caused by falling tools. All Bahco Tools@Height tools and equipment meet DROPS accreditation standards. For further information on all Bahco tools and safety equipment visit:

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