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The Importance of Good Design and Quality Workmanship for Well Service Equipment

With another 180K stock nitrogen unit under production with delivery available in early Spring, we hear from Production Manager Chris Farman on the benefits of equipment manufactured by Prior Power Solutions and the decades of experience under the belt of this specialist engineering team in Great Yarmouth.

Chris Farman

“We have an amazing range of skills within our team,” begins Chris.

“Our knowledgeable draughtmen and project engineers use SolidWorks for 3D CAD and have the experience of working to the complexities of ATEX, NORSOK, Safe Area and CE compliance.

“We have engineers specialising in hydraulics too.”

In the workshop, the team comprises of coded welders, fabricators, and engineers with decades of specialist experience with nitrogen units and cryogenic pipework who are “probably amongst the leading engineers in the world in their field,” Chris continues.

“Not only do they understand the physical working of the units, but they also understand the operational needs of the user – ease of maintenance, simplicity and comfort of use. Such things can be overlooked in all ‘the engineering’ of the units, but we take great pride in producing equipment that will stand the test of time as well as having exceptional functionality and performance. To control quality and reliability, many of the components are manufactured in-house including hoses and medium pressure pipework with carefully selected suppliers used “who we trust and have never let us down.” he explains.

“The quality of our workmanship is at our core.”

Only the highest quality components, tried and tested are used, and wherever possible to meet production deadlines, genuine parts are sourced. As a multi-dealer company, Prior Power Solutions works with the world’s best engine and equipment manufacturers to ensure their products function and perform perfectly as “it is of the utmost importance to us

to provide the very best in engineering.”

From the company’s extensive base in Great Yarmouth, vigorous onsite testing is conducted prior to client handover. “Nothing is overlooked, and the units leave us ready for commissioning and field operation.”

Chris reflects on why customers come back time and time again, “I think it’s not only the quality of units we supply, but also because we support them throughout the lifetime of their asset.

“From commissioning and full warranty cover, we provide upgrades, recertifications and modifications

as required in the future.

“These pieces of kit are not only valuable in terms of capex, but critical to oil and gas exploration – an industry where downtime is hugely costly.

“Outsiders are often taken aback by the range and depth of engineering skills at Prior Power Solutions.”

Over the years, decades even, it is easy to take such engineering pedigree granted, but really it is so important for customer peace of mind that their valuable, income-generating equipment will not let them down which is ultimately ensuring security of energy supply.

“You can’t put a price on that.”

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