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Swivel Joint Solutions for All Sectors of Engineering

Through design and in-house manufacture our swivel joints allow one or more different flows through a single unit, enabling the pipework to rotate 360 degrees whilst carrying fluids (including hydraulic and pneumatic) of different pressures without cross-contamination or leakage.

There are many different forms of Swivel Joint… from very straight forward designs of our F and FS series, Compact swivels, or Heavy Duty to Articulated Pipework configurations, Floating Suction Arms, Jacketed, High pressure. A Swivel Joint reduces costs by reducing the risk of leakage with its associated downtime. By fitting a quality designed swivel, you are improving your production capacity.

With almost 40 years of experience, Rotaflow, are specialists in taking your bespoke requirements and being able to design a solution that can fit your budget, dimensions, materials, FAT/witness testing; hygienic and pressurised environments. We regularly test to Hyperbaric, Seal Life and conduct Temperature/Pressure/Load Cycle Testing. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Photos attached show a range of different swivels nearing the end of manufacture. Burner boom swivel complete with Norsok paint specification, being readied for despatch for onboard an oil rig. Large-bore Compact Swivel and the last shows six Hygienic Stainless Steel food industry swivels.

Rotaflow is a global leader in swivel joint design and manufacture. We engage with clients all over the world to produce swivel joints for a wide range of industrial uses, from drilling and mining, food and drink production, pharmaceutical, process and plant, to subsea oil and gas extraction.

We have off-the-shelf solutions that are ready to go, or we can redesign and in-house manufacture to enable a quick turn-around with minimal fuss and maximum design experience.

Rotaflow have built up a reputation for providing reliable and quality designed products that resolve your engineering needs and we are proud to say many customers request our services over and over again.

To find out more please visit our website and/or give us a call.

+ 44 (0) 1663 735003


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