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Snap-on Tethered Tools Protect Lives When Working at Height

Engineers and technicians working at height, often in challenging locations and appalling weather, are well aware of the risk of hand tools or equipment falling or being dropped.

Not only are they a major threat to anyone working below, plunging tools can damage critical systems, causing expensive downtime.

The success of the safety focused Tools@Height programme from Snap-on Industrial depends upon securely tethering all hand and power tools to lanyards, bags, pouches and belts.

Says Richard Packham, Snap-on Industrial’s Director, UK & Europe: “Engineers and technicians working at height need to have absolute confidence that their safety equipment will protect them and others working below them, as well as safeguarding vital systems and machinery.

“Our extensive research, development and quality management programme has resulted in advanced design, manufacturing, testing and operating procedures covering safety and dropped object prevention.”

The result is a wide range of dependable tools with strong, integrated fixing points to enable hand and power tools to be securely tethered to Snap-on lanyards, bags, pouches and belts, while ensuriing functionality.

Tools@Height sockets, adapters and extensions have a locking hole on all sides. Drive tools and ratchets have a locking pin which fits into the side locking hole to ensure positive locking. Less secure attachments with a hole only on one side are at risk of falling apart.

Snap-on Industrial can supply individual tools or complete kits to meet customer specifications and can provide full training in their use. Products are delivered to customers’ premises fully assembled and ready for immediate use.

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