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Safe just became safer with the William Hackett Hoist!

William Hackett Lifting Products (WHLP) continually challenge themselves to innovate, design and manufacture lifting products that are safer and reduce project timelines across multiple sectors.

Lifting operations incorporating hoists assume a level of safety based upon the resilience of the hoist’s mechanical failure. Although mechanical failures in modern hoists are rare, years of experience accumulated within WHLP identified a fundamental mechanical design that would eliminate one potential mode of failure whilst increasing product lifespan.

Resilience To Failure

William Hackett therefore designed, patented, and manufactured the ‘Quad Pawl’ (QP). This technology was originally incorporated in the subsea SS-L5 Lever Hoist and was the first in the world to provide four pawl mechanical engagement. This advanced technology is now available within the William Hackett range of L5 lever hoists and C4 chain hoists.

How does it work? Essentially as the number of pawls doubles from two to four and as a result the resilience to failure also increases. The design enables all four pawls to engage with the ratchet gear in an offset configuration allowing finer adjustment and tensioning capability while maintaining pawl/ratchet gear engagement.

For further insight – watch the following animation Quad Pawl Technology:

Quality Assurance

Distributors who focus on the large corporate organisations require their manufacturing partners to enable supply chain integration and this priority has been key success criteria for William Hackett Lifting Products. “Our continual drive for innovation and customer service excellence was fundamental to the development of the William Hackett Assure portal. This industry leading risk management platform transforms the historic paradigms of customer service, delivery logistics, supply chain integration, risk mitigation and disaster recovery and we are delighted to be able to support our customers in this area” says Ben Burgess, Director.


In the last few years, growth in demand for products and services has surpassed expectations, therefore led to a substantial investment in William Hackett’s lifting center of excellence in Northumberland providing additional manufacturing and warehousing capacity as well as employment opportunities. These new facilities double production and storage capacity, and provide additional offices, conference space, welfare accommodation and vehicle parking.

William Hackett has invested in additional equipment to further enhance its quality assurance capability. This includes the installation of an innovative 75 tonne dynamic vertical load test bed believed to be one of the largest hoist test machines in Europe. Completed in 2021, the new and refurbished premises have been designed and constructed to align with William Hackett’s commitment to continuous improvement in its operational efficiency, and to achieving high standards of energy conservation, sustainability, and environmental management.


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