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Rotaflow Swivel Joints For Subsea And Offshore

We are specialist designers and in-house manufacturers of Swivel Joints (also known as Rotary Unions) these units allow fluids to be transferred across rotating interfaces without leakage. 

Rotaflow, established in 1984, is a global leader in swivel joint design and manufacture. We engage with clients all over the world to produce swivel joints for a wide range of industrial uses and we have much experience in designing for the offshore and subsea industry. 

Simple single flow units are used in many applications including loading arms, articulated pipework and hose reelers. Many applications require articulated pipe work or hoses to allow fluids, such as Hydraulic Power, Air (pneumatic) control lines, or mixed process fluids, to be used on moving machinery. And our multi passaged designs, Multiports,  will allow multiple flows of fluid, under different pressures, though a single unit without cross-contamination or leakage. 

Our designs allow vital movement to a vast array of industrial equipment. From excavators to subsea control lines or even your garden hose, swivel joints can be found at the heart of the system and are fundamental for the most basic operations. This wide range of uses and differing applications requires a wide range of efficient designs. Rotaflow offer a bespoke design and manufacture service: Swivel joints tailored for each unique requirement, optimising space and seal life.  

Our designers cater for metal grades to suit customer specification: Super Duplex, Titanium, with our regular designs being, Carbon Steel or 316 Stainless Steel. With bores ranging from 0.25” to 40” and beyond; Vacuum duty to 20,000PSI. 

In our 40 years we are specialists in taking your bespoke requirements and being able to design a solution that can fit your budget, dimensions, materials, FAT/witness testing; hygienic and pressurised environments. We regularly test to Hyperbaric, Seal Life and conduct temperature/Pressure/Load Cycle Testing. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

The attached photos attached illustrate three very different designed swivels for different applications in the oil and gas industry. 

To find out more please visit our website and/or give us a call.

+44(0)1663 735003


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