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Rockatek Invests in More Research & Development in HFTO / Torsional Resonance.

Our team of engineers and designers have made significant improvements to one of our main Torsional Resonance/HFTO test rigs, our medium size TR2 Test Rig.

The test rig is now commissioned and semi permanently set up in our on-site test facility making testing more efficient and user friendly. The TR2 test rig is able to replicate Torsional Resonance at various frequencies with enough integral data acquisition equipment to collect and analyse the run data.

“It is hugely important to us as a company that we continue to invest in our own R&D, not only do we find challenges, but more importantly we begin to find solutions to those challenges. The team work endlessly in the R&D phase and as a direct result of this our customers see huge benefits.” Said Daniel Crowley, Director at Rockatek.

The secret of how we do it is behind the wooden box in the picture!

The HFTO testing we have carried out for clients in 2020 and so far in 2021 has added real benefit to their products but has also uncovered many more questions that need answering with more tests. There are multiple tests scheduled in the TR2 rig during Q1 of 2021 for some of our key clients but also for internal Rockatek R&D projects and developments.

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