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Pageant Intrinsically Safe Operator Panel & PLC

BEKA associates have introduced Pageant, a new intrinsically safe combined Operator Panel and Programmable Logic Controller with plug-in input and output modules allowing direct connection to hazardous area sensors.

Pageant's state of the art, low power technology simplifies design and reduces the cost of providing operator displays and controls in a hazardous area. Multiple variables can be displayed simultaneously, plus eight touch switches with tricolour LED indicators significantly reduce panel space requirements. Intrinsic safety protection provides maximum safety and allows installation in almost any flammable gas or combustible dust atmosphere or Zone.

Featuring a 7 inch backlit trans-reflective display which can be read in all lighting conditions, the panel and all of the plug-in modules have Ex ia certification allowing installation in Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22. The IECEx, ATEX and UKCA certifications permit any combination of plug-in input and output modules to be fitted to the display without the need for additional certification. Plug-in input and output modules for interfacing 4/20mA currents, switch contacts, proximity detectors and pulse sources are already available and more are being developed for other sensors.

The PLC employs industry standard CODESYS® runtime software which complies with IEC 61131 allowing programming in five different languages. The software includes a wealth of features and function blocks such as PID control and is supplied with a lifetime licence. CODESYS runtime software is already installed in more than 1,500 different products worldwide. It is supported by extensive documentation, including video presentations, and will therefore already be familiar to many users.

The display, eight programmable touch buttons and eight programmable tricolour LEDs are mounted behind a 4mm thick toughened glass panel with a 316 stainless steel surround. The IP66 front is totally flat and easy to clean, making the Operator Panel ideal for petrochemical, pharmaceutical and distilling applications. The Operator Panel is lightweight and dissipates less than 5W making it easy to mount in instrument panels and enclosures.

Pageant Operator Panels have been designed to be powered by a BEKA Power Isolator which may be mounted in a safe area or in Zone 2. Two models are available, the BA212 for applications in IIA, IIB gases and dust atmospheres and the BA243 for IIC gas applications.

For further information contact BEKA at:

+44 (0) 1462 438301

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