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OTAQ Expands Integrated Suite of Innovative Products for Underwater Sensor Platforms

OTAQ Offshore release a suite of new and updated integrated underwater products enabling the viewing and capture of high­ definition imagery from tethered sensor platforms.

With shallow and deep‑water configurations available, the suite builds on OTAQ’s pre-existing Eagle IP range of underwater vision and integration products adding increased functionality and performance.

Designed for multiple underwater applications in the inspection, survey, environmental monitoring and research sectors, the versatile suite enables target identification and characterisation even in challenging environmental conditions. With all products in the suite controlled via Internet Protocol (IP), integration, configuration, and testing activities are simplified, allowing optimisation of operational times and efficiency.

Advanced optics generate work imagery that can be viewed live from anywhere in the world that has internet connectivity, enabling accelerated decision making based on high‑quality data.

With depth options to 4000m, the newly expanded Eagle IP suite includes:

  • Q-Link Pro for Coaxial Platforms – improved central power distribution and communications bottle, provides 24VDC, 10/100 ethernet connections & serial connections;

  • Q-Hub Pro for Fibre Optic Platforms – improved central power distribution and communications bottle, provides 24VDC, 10/100/1000 ethernet connections & serial connections;

  • DSLR Still Camera – new 24.5 Megapixel camera with CMOS Full Frame Image Sensor and optional Freshwater Lens;

  • 180° & 360° FOV 4K Cameras – real-time full orbital viewing for situation awareness;

  • Fixed & Zoom 1080p Camera – 1080p lowlight colour cameras for target viewing;

  • LEDs – new 4000 lumen LEDs with full range dimming illumination;

  • Laser Scaler – twin lasers with camera for target characterisation;

  • Connectivity for 3rd party sensors

The capability of OTAQ’s approach has been recently demonstrated with the supply of Seabed Lander systems, with the Eagle IP suite onboard, to Unique Group. OTAQ was selected as Unique Group’s partner of choice for this challenging supply based on Unique’s previous exposure to the Eagle IP range and OTAQ’s highly experienced in-house engineering team. The Lander system is a robust, modular subsea survey platform that operates as a sledge, lander or drop camera system. It is designed to be versatile and scalable, accommodating multiple cameras, lights, and sensor configurations to suit individual deployment requirements.

OTAQ Business Development Manager, Callum Magee, explained: “We have continued to expand the Eagle IP range in terms of individual products but also, just as importantly, in terms of flexibility when integrating to platforms like Unique Group’s Lander systems. As well as the subsea components, we have supplied the full topside rackmount power and comms solution, brought new products like the stills camera and IP LEDs to bear, while engineering in the ability to adapt and change the loadout to suit different project requirements.”


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