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Optimise Safety, Speed & Accuracy in Topside & Subsea Bolting Applications

Industrial bolting doesn’t have to be complicated and with HYTORC by your side, you don’t need to worry about downtime, safety, and accuracy. HYTORC’s specialists help support the industry with the expert advice, knowledge, and problem-solving skills with a range of solutions including:

The Simultorc™ bolting process utilises multiple HYTORC tools simultaneously on your bolting application:

º Recognised by ASME PCC-1-2013 as the preferred method for flanged joint assembly;

º Reduces assembly and disassembly time;

º Provides even bolt load across the flange face;

º Eliminates possibility of leaks.

The HYTORC Washer System is a unique, patented system eliminating the need for reaction arms and custom fixtures:

º Prevents risk of hand injuries;

º No damaging hydraulic lines, tubing, or umbilicals;

º Qualified for long term subsea installation;

º Superior quality, performance & proven time saving benefits.

The STEALTH is the latest hydraulic bolting technology:

º Dual Piston Drive providing faster cycle stroke than any other hydraulic tool;

º Lightweight, easy, and versatile tool operation for divers and ROV’s;

º Industry leading safety with hands free bolting &

remote capabilities.

Contact HYTORC today to learn more!

+44 1670 363 800


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