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Great Yarmouth-Engineering Firm Secures Largest Ever Single Order

Specialist equipment manufacturer, Prior Power Solutions has announced it has been awarded a seven-figure contract to provide oilfield equipment to a global integrated service company.

Already boasting a host of international customers from New Zealand to the Arctic, this record deal is a first for this latest new customer that will support oil and gas extraction in the Americas.

Global Sales Manager Adrian Sharman (L) with Managing Director James Rix

Global Sales Manager for Prior Power Solutions, Adrian Sharman says, “As a solutions-oriented company, we are able to bring our design flexibility and decades of industry- specific knowledge to this project.”

The bespoke package includes feed compressors, booster and membrane unit which will span Rig Safe and Zone II hazardous areas.

“Prior Power Solutions is well-known around the world for quality workmanship, ease of operation and maintenance, and equipment that lasts in some of the harshest environments on the planet.

“We are delighted to be working for a new client on this new multi-million-pound contract, with more contract announcements expected shortly.” Adrian alludes.

Prior Power Solutions, now in its fifth decade, designs and manufactures the full range of oilfield equipment, including nitrogen pumps, specialist skids, hydraulic power, fluid pumps, coiled tubing and compressor units which can be built to any industry standard or regulation.

Shortlisted for an Innovation Award at the end of last year by industry trade body EEEGR, the company is constantly innovating design and manufacturing processes to bring not only efficiencies of operation and maintenance, but also improving delivery time and future-proofing units to be easily upgradeable.

“We’re looking at a range of upgrades, technology and processes to improve the carbon footprint of our equipment.” Adrian explains.

“One of our core values is listening and responding to our customers, this being a key driver for sustainability and growth. We constantly focus on R&D and diversification opportunities that give solutions to our customers’ challenges.

“For example, our hydrogen-diesel injection system is undergoing exciting trials with Tarmac, which we hope to integrate into our well service equipment in the future to decrease diesel consumption and reduce emissions.

“Even simple things, like upgrades to the flame trap on our nitrogen pumps mean typical 8-hour service intervals have been replaced with 1,000-hour intervals – that’s a lot of cleaning fluid and equipment no longer needed which all has a carbon footprint – and not forgetting a massive reduction in non-productive time.”

All-in-all, the company has seen a strong start to 2023 which is set to continue as it strives to deliver sustainable solutions through innovative and flexible engineering.

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