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Fine Tubes NORSOK Approval Extended for Specialist Alloy Tubing Products

Precision metal tubing manufacturer, Fine Tubes, has been awarded a five-year extension to its globally- recognised NORSOK approval certification to supply specialist, mission-critical alloy tubing.

The NORSOK-accredited tubing alloys from Fine Tubes are: Super Duplex, 6Mo, TP316/316L, N625, and Ti Grade 2. They all offer high strength and corrosion resistance for demanding oil and gas and chemical process applications in hostile environments, including subsea and downhole.

A NORSOK accreditation verifies that a manufacturer has met the globally- accepted international requirements deemed necessary to meet the wider needs of the oil and gas industry.

Fine Tubes achieved its prestigious NORSOK approval extension after passing exacting quality standards for its material grades and robust manufacturing facilities. The business also demonstrated compliance with NORSOK requirements during a standard audit.

Nick Head, Tube Product Manager at Fine Tubes says, “We are delighted that our industry-leading NORSOK approval has been further extended for our range of alloy tubing products. Each product offers our oil and gas customers exceptional advantages around reliability and corrosion resistance, and we are proud to have these qualities officially recognised.”

NORSOK-approved alloy tubes from Fine Tubes are made to order in a range of corrosion-resistant alloys in standard and non-standard sizes according to customer specifications. They are available in straight lengths that can be seamless cold redrawn and heat treated to suit customer specifications. Benefits include small batch sizes and non-standard tube thicknesses, as well as high pressure resistance up to 100,000psi.

The tubes are engineered to withstand critical oil and gas as well as chemical process applications. These include heat exchangers; flow meters; downhole pressure housings and smart wells; subsea Christmas trees and manifolds; injection and ballast water; and other critical subsea, downhole, and offshore oil and gas instrumentation.

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