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Brimmond, Well-Placed To Deliver One Of The Most Diverse Ranges Of Hydraulic Equipment In The UK Across The Globe

From their workshop in Aberdeenshire, Brimmond are well-placed to deliver one of the most diverse ranges of hydraulic equipment in the UK, ready for deployment across the globe.

Servicing clients across a range of sectors, from energy and decommissioning, to marine and aquaculture, they offer both manufacture and design services, as well as an extensive rental fleet of equipment.

They are also proud to be the UK and Ireland partner for global high pressure pump specialists, KAMAT.

Having provided KAMAT equipment to clients for many years, Brimmond were named their UK and Ireland Partner in 2022. As the leading global provider of specialist high pressure pump technology, KAMAT has been developing this technology for over 40 years.

This partnership allows Brimmond to provide clients with a superior product, offering higher quality and better durability. In addition it also gives clients access to reliable advice, excellent customer service and technical support on site, as KAMAT partners the company must demonstrate extensive knowledge and expertise – from design, installation and commissioning to maintenance and repair.

KAMAT offer a range of positive displacement plunger pumps, from 15kW to 1500kW. The pumps are capable of producing Ultra High Pressures (UHP) of up to 3500 Bar and flow rates of up to 4677 lpm and have a vast range of configurations allowing the customer to ensure a pump is perfectly suited for the intended application.

Engineering excellence

With its emphasis on innovation, unparalleled performance and reliability, KAMAT is an excellent fit for Brimmond. Their range of high-pressure pumps are highly reliable and easy to maintain. What’s more they offer a diverse product range with applications across multiple industries, pumping not just water, but also chemicals, slurries and so on.

Types of products available:

KAMAT offer a variety of standard products, ranging from their highly portable trailer mounted KamJet right through to containerised units with over 450kW of installed power. These units are used for a variety of tasks, including paint removal, rust removal, concrete demolition, surface preparation prior to painting. 

Combining the specialisms of both teams, Brimmond & KAMAT also collaborate to build non-standard pump packages.


Last year Brimmond launched NetJet™ becoming the first company in the UK to offer a full 360o  manufacture, rental and support package for high-pressure net cleaning pumps for the offshore aquaculture sector.The NetJetTM 350D is a pump unit for net cleaning in the harshest of environments, featuring a KAMAT High Pressure Plunger pump, driven by a Scania DI09 Marine engine. The externally mounted duplex filters, air filtration and completely removeable canopy aid easy and safe maintenance, as well as increased uptime.

1.8mW Seawater jetting package 

In addition to KAMAT Pumps, Brimmond can also supply centrifugal pump packages. Last year Brimmond were commissioned by a client in the offshore wind sector to manufacture, install and commission a seawater jetting package to assist with the installation of monopiles for the Courseulles-sur-Mer Offshore Wind Farm. In what was their biggest project to date, Brimmond delivered a 1.8 Mega Watt seawater jetting package comprising: two 660kW Multistage Centrifugal Pump Units, two Umbilical Reelers with integrated 45kW Electric Hydraulic Power Units, two 250kW Submersible Pumps, Filter and Valve Skids and a Launch and Recovery System. The system is to be installed for the full duration of the campaign and will assist with the installation of foundations of wind turbines off the coast of Northern France.

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