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Amazon Filters Launches SupaSep LGP Coalescer for Critical Oil and Gas Processing

Filter manufacturer Amazon Filters has launched a new high-performance product range to support critical filtration

processes across the worldwide oil and gas industries.

SupaSep LGP is the latest evolution of the UK company’s liquid-gas coalescers, used extensively in cost-effective upstream, midstream and downstream operations.

The new filters can be supplied complete in a bespoke housing or as direct retrofits for products such as Pall Seprasol or Parker Peco DynaCeptor.

They incorporate a patented process for both interpleat and meltblown drainage configurations and to combat re entrainment of fluids in the housing outlet through a robust barrier.

SupaSep LGP is designed to provide exceptional efficiency and drainage performance essential to many high- flow filtration and separation processes.

As well as removing contaminants, including liquid-aerosol contamination, well-designed coalescers protect machinery and equipment, minimise costly unscheduled downtime and ensure the final purity of output.

Surrey-headquartered Amazon Filters has long supplied the oil and gas industries with bespoke water filtration solutions involving expertise in polymer fibre-based coalescing.

This technology complements the 35-year-old company’s filter housings, meltblown depth and pleated cartridge filters, and other essential products.

Now, SupaSep LGP provides a further coalescing solution that protects gas turbines, natural gas compressors, lube oil recovery and catalyst beds. It also supports the recovery of fluids involved in the sweetening and dehydration of natural gas.

SupaSep LGP harnesses the ability to vary filtration efficiency throughout the filter depth, as well as conferring additional properties such as oleophilicity and hydrophobicity.

Neil Pizzey, Amazon Filters Managing Director, said: “The financial impact of Covid is set to mean challenging times ahead for oil and gas producers and contractors.

“Every day a project implementation date is delayed, potential revenue will be lost.

“We stand ready to play our part by providing the oil and gas industry with reliable products such as SupaSep LGP as part of bespoke solutions that drive efficiencies and transform operational performance.”

The launch of SupaSep LGP is the latest innovation enabled by a £0.75 million investment in manufacturing capacity at Amazon Filters’ international production centre in Camberley, Surrey.

Neil said: “Our investment programme is all about creating and maintaining a quick and able capacity to meet customer need for cost-effective solutions and savings.

“The manufacturing of SupaSep LGP is a prime example. Both liquid/liquid and liquid/gas polishing processes

are heavily dependent on high-quality coalescing cartridges for optimal performance, along with appropriate design and sizing of the separator vessel.

“Key to this is the relationship between filter design and housing configuration. Our enhanced manufacturing capacity affords additional tools to improve coalescing performance.

“We can more easily vary filtration fibre diameters and

prevent the risk of an otherwise highly efficient coalescer being rendered useless because of inappropriate, off- the-shelf or poorly designed housings.

“SupaSep LGP is ideal as a new bespoke housing or a direct retrofit replacement for your existing product whether that is a Pall Seprasol, Parker Peco DynaCeptor or something else.”

The launch of SupaSep LGP follows the completion of a rigorous laboratory testing programme conducted in partnership with the world-renowned Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology.

Experts there are at the very forefront of meltblown fibre technology and coalescer research and design.

Neil added: “Our extensive knowledge in designing pressure vessels for the oil and gas sector means we are fully conversant with the appropriate regulations and approvals allowing us to streamline the manufacturing process.

“Between us, our team has more than 100 years’ experience in coalescer design. By working in parallel with industry customers and our academic colleagues in Warsaw, we are pooling a range of market-leading insight to achieve the very best combination of performance and cost.”


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