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New Year – New Direction for The KW Group

Innovative Pressure Testing Facility Operational It’s an especially exhilarating start to 2020 for UK based global company the KW Group, with a new state-of-the-art, specially constructed, in-house pressure testing facility being officially launched as KW Pressure Testing Ltd.

The fully-automated and controlled facility; based at the Groups Head Quarters in the North West of England, utilises the industry specialism of the KW Group (which incorporates KW Designed Solutions and new company KW Pressure Testing) in designing, manufacturing and installing highly technical bespoke pressure vessels and associated equipment.

Assessment will be carried out under strict safety regulations, using mechanised, innovative pressure and temperature control systems and the support and expertise of the KW Pressure Testing team. The new internal resource will provide companies with high quality environmental and pressure testing services including Hyperbaric, Hydrostatic, Gas, Submerged Gas and Environmental Testing Equipment to perform tests such as: Full Qualification, Type Approval and Factory Acceptance Testing. Fugitive Emission testing and Cryogenic Testing will also be available shortly.

Qualifying Excellence

The 8,000sq. ft. pressure testing centre will provide the oil & gas, subsea, oceanographic, material science and energy markets with a safe, reliable, cost-effective facility to carry out critical component testing. It has the capacity to test at pressures of up to 40,000 psi, using some of the most advanced state-of-the-art pressure testing equipment in the world.

Comprising five dedicated test cells; pressure testing will be carried out alongside a range of specialist services including PR2 testing and Instrumented Buoyancy Loss (or IBL testing). The highly specialist bespoke testing cells will enable companies to develop, approval test and production test their equipment and materials, by accurately simulating extreme subsea/deep water conditions. This will verify suitability for use in high pressure environments and high/low temperature operation; ensuring durability, corrosion resistance, product lifespan and compliance to industry standards.

Companies throughout the world will substantially reduce operational costs, as they won’t need to invest in their own in-house testing facilities, if they don’t have a frequent requirement for this. As an independent company; safety, quality and customer satisfaction is paramount. The facility is fully certified to meet all necessary legislation and being fully-automated will enable remote operation by computer, phone or tablet removing the safety risks posed by human operation. It will enable OEM companies, energy producers and product manufacturers to validate the integrity of equipment pre‑deployment; reduce operational risks, and develop new technologies that require rigorous design verification. The additional support of an on-site, highly‑experienced, flexible and adaptable team of specialist engineers, will provide innovative solutions to each individual test requirement to the highest standards of accuracy and ensure customer peace of mind.

Tel: +44 (0) 1257 474 507

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