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Horizon Geosciences – New State of the Art Geotechnical Investigation Spread

Horizon Geosciences Limited are pleased to announce the recent mobilisation of an additional offshore geotechnical site investigation spread.

Horizon’s K3 geotechnical drilling system has been designed based upon over 15 years of conducting offshore geotechnical investigations and is the fourth offshore heave compensated rig to be brought into service in that time. It incorporates a number of state of the art features such as mechanical drill pipe handling which removes all manual handling requirements from running and pulling drill string and electronic recording of drilling parameters to provide additional ground data and operational feedback during drilling. The rig has the ability to switch to a nested coring system whereby 100mm Geobor S triple tube coring is conducted through a riser casing to provide larger diameter and higher quality core samples in a wide range of soil and rock conditions. It also has the ability to deploy conventional downhole CPT, sampling and wireline coring, plus seismic CPT, geophysical borehole logging, pressure meter testing and other downhole tools.

The rig can be used for deep boreholes as well as to deploy Horizon’s 200kN seabed CPT unit for acquisition of deep push cone penetration data also in combination with seismic CPT as required. Boreholes can be conducted in up to 600m water depth as standard and deep push CPT in up to 100m water depth. A fully equipped soil laboratory capable of undertaking a wide range of testing offshore completes the spread, making it a very versatile system for all ground investigation applications.

The rig has been mobilised to DP2 vessel Kommandor Susan owned and operated by our long term partner Hays Ships. It is currently performing its first project offshore Poland.

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