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Boltight TSR+ Launched by the Nord-Lock Group

The fastest auto return tensioner on the market.

The Boltight brand has been at the forefront of hydraulic bolt tensioning technology for nearly 20 years, consistently raising the bar and setting the standard for fast, efficient bolt tightening.

The Nord-Lock Group is celebrating the launch of the brand new Boltight TSR+ auto return tensioner, following several years of development and refinement, the TSR+ boasts a piston retraction time that is 4 times faster than its nearest competitor, making it a must-have upgrade across multiple industries.

Customers already using Boltight TSR tooling will be pleased to learn that TSR+ tools are compatible with existing TSR products, making this upgrade incredibly simple.

Aside from speed and compatibility, there are several other features that set TSR+ apart from other tensioners. Its durability has been a key factor in the design, and extensive in-house tests at full stroke and full pressure have shown that it far out performs current TSR load cells.

Safety has also been optimised with a new safety relief valve preventing seal blow outs and exposure to ejected oil. Add to this Boltights trademark surface finish which improves wear resistance and guarantees corrosion protection against the harshest elements and it’s clear that demand for TSR+ tensioners will be high.

When asked about the launch of Boltight TSR+, Business Development Director Tensioning at the Nord-Lock Group, Richard Outram said: “We’re delighted to be launching TSR+. Being the fastest auto return tensioner on the market, we feel confident that existing and new customers will see the benefits of improved bolting times and reliability without compromising on safety. TSR+ will be available from stock to support market expectations and ensure fast delivery.”

To find out more visit the Boltight TSR+ section on the Nord-Lock website:

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