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New Oil and Gas Training Centre Opens in Great Yarmouth

Oil and gas companies in East Anglia can save on flights and hotels in Aberdeen for workers’ essential industry training by using a new accredited facility in Great Yarmouth.

Oil and gas companies in East Anglia can save on flights and hotels in Aberdeen for workers’ essential industry training by using a new accredited facility in Great Yarmouth.

EPIC International has stepped in to fill another gap in services in the area by becoming an accredited centre for International Well Control Forum (IWCF) Well Intervention courses.

Well intervention technicians and engineers, and other associated professionals, must undergo the fourday course plus exams every two years.

A regional accredited centre supports the industry drive for cost efficiency, reducing businesses’ carbon footprints, and is a further move to maintain Great Yarmouth’s position as the energy capital of England.

EPIC International Managing Director Kim Rowan said: “There is no permanent IWCF training facility in this area so companies have little option but send their employees up to Aberdeen.

“Service companies and operators have technicians and engineers on rotation, so, as well as the expense of getting them to Aberdeen, they must factor in the travelling and time involved.

“EPIC is an environmentally conscious company and we really shouldn’t be putting people on planes to go up to Aberdeen to sit this course and exams when they can all be supplied here in Great Yarmouth.”

EPIC International has partnered with, an accredited IWCF well intervention coach/trainer with more than 35 years’ well servicing experience on and offshore, to deliver the courses.

EPIC International Director Dane Rowan, a well intervention engineer himself, said: “The courses will be taught by an ex offshore installation and project manager, who managed training centres for well engineers in the Asia /Pacific region for a major oil company. We are delighted he has chosen to bring his huge expertise and experience to EPIC International.

“His experiences have afforded him an understanding of human factors that can affect actions taken and could impact significantly the control of a hydrocarbon well.”

“This centre gives companies regular facilities all year round for IWCF Well Intervention training in Great Yarmouth and there was a clear need for the suite of IWCF Well Intervention level 2, Level 3 and 4 courses, alongside the new IWCF digital assessment.”

The centre is a legacy of EPIC International’s Founder and Managing Director David Rowan, who died last year, who fought to keep Great Yarmouth’s services in the industry downturn and vowed to fill gaps to support local businesses.

Three years ago, David Rowan invested in the company’s Vanguard Road base to create a cylinder pressure testing centre for local companies three years, to avoid driving cylinders to Aberdeen.

Mrs Rowan said: “David believed passionately in providing as many services for the offshore industry in Great Yarmouth and we want to continue what he started.”

EPIC International won Great Yarmouth’s Business of the Year for its investment in the town.

The first IWCF course is scheduled for July 1 with a maximum of eight students on each course.

Further courses are scheduled for:

22/07/19 – 26/07/19

26/08/19 – 30/08/19

23/09/19 – 27/09/19

28/10/19 – 01/11/19

02/12/19 – 06/12/19

To find out more email:

or call: +44 (0)1493 660460

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