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Brimmond Group, Rigrun Europe and Preffered Marine, based in Aberdeenshire, have been delivering innovative, bespoke and integrated engineering solutions for any hydraulic, mechanical and electrical need for the offshore energy sector.

With a team of experienced engineers equipped to undertake complete or partial work scope for the design, manufacture and commissioning of bespoke equipment including testing and functional prototyping. The in-house engineering team can deliver designs from concept to as-built whilst project managing the build from start to finish providing tailor-made solutions.

Each sector within oil and gas has their own unique challenges and problems which may require bespoke, high quality and resilient packages. By applying the combined experience of each company, the team has undertaken and delivered on an array of projects, highlights include:

  • Delivered a bespoke engineered Zone 2 Umbilical Reeler to one of the largest multinational oil and gas service company.

  • Hydraulic engineering and design incorporated as part of a decommissioning well abandonment tower.

  • 150 kW Zone 1 electric hydraulic power unit with integral hydraulic control

  • Supply and installation of marine knuckle boom cranes on a range of support vessels and platforms.

Offering a range of proven products specified for working in harsh environments, including remote offshore locations, severe ice conditions on the Antarctic peninsula, installation vessels working in difficult sea-states. Brimmond Group supplies specialist hydraulic, mechanical and electrical equipment delivering high quality, cost effective solutions for some of the most challenging environments. Renowned for designing and engineering a wide range of high quality product packages and engineering solutions to support a variety of onshore and offshore applications, packages have included:

• Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs)

• Hydraulic Flushing Units

• Filtration Systems • Pump packages

• Marine Cranes

• Spoolers, Umbilical Reelers

• Diver Tooling

Recently, Brimmond Group developed a HPU package that incorporated a Siemen’s PLC Control System, allowing the HPU to be locally controlled through a 15” touchscreen or remotely through the vessel’s SCADA (Supervisor, Control and Data Acquisition) system offering an efficient interface for ease of operations.

Preffered Marine delivers a full range of marine crane equipment solutions for a range of platforms and vessels including construction and installation, survey boats, workboats and multi-cats. Offering extensive experience of modifying and installing marine cranes to suit specific project requirements.

As a responsive engineer-led organisation combined with decades of extensive industry experience delivering tailor-made engineering solutions which will address the growing demand for bespoke packages. From concept to design, engineering through to installation and commissioning we use the latest technology to support clients, maintaining a fast turn-around and delivering cost savings innovative systems and solutions.

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