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Working with bolted joints in the field can be difficult enough and having to handle separate bolts, nuts and washers just adds to the complication but what if you could easily combine your chosen bolt with a locking washer, that would make life a lot easier wouldn’t it?

The team at HEICO, manufacturers of the proven HEICO-LOCK® wedge locking washers, have done just that with their new HEICO-LOCK® Combi-Washer system.

It is common practice to produce a SEMS screw which involves captivating a washer onto a screw or bolt in a 1 piece design.

This is usually expensive and time consuming and requires specialist manufacture. The answer from HEICO is, as is often the case, simple.

The HEICO-LOCK® Combi-Washer design incorporates an inner plastic locking ring with inset tabs that grip onto the bolt thread, creating a captivated washer.

The great benefit of this system is that you can combine the washer with your desired bolts and create your own SEMS screw, even in the field. As the washer is ‘captivated’ by the inner locking ring there is no chance of the washer falling off the bolt during installation.

The company also offer a service of providing the pre-assembled SEMS screw by combining the washer in-house with your specified bolt and supplying the customer with a finished part ready to use straight out of the box.

Also as the system is entirely re-usable in the field maintenance is easier and quicker. Compared to traditional captivated SEMS screws the system delivers clear benefits in terms of reduced fastener costs but also in terms of improving productivity, both in the field and within production.

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