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An advanced anode repair concept has been launched with the help of Saab Seaeye’s Cougar XT electric e-robotic underwater vehicle as a development platform.

The new concept, created by SubC Partner, is said to save up to 75% in costs compared to hydraulic delivered anode repair systems.

It can be adapted for any size and shape of sacrificial anode, whether surface mounted or welded.

It offers a very fast anode exchange procedure that avoids diver intervention and can be undertaken in extreme weather conditions.

The system comes as a skid, and is a resource targeted at offshore wind installations, oil and gas fields and a range of maritime facilities.

This includes anode repair at monopiles, jackets, ships and semi-submersibles.

After considering all vehicles on the market as a development platform for their new concept, the Saab Seaeye Cougar XT was considered the best choice, says SubC’s Sales Manager, Klaus Brix.

"The Cougar was the best choice, as it has more power to handle heavy tooling for its size than any other company’s system. It has a reputation amongst engineers across the industry as a known, trusted and proven system. Importantly it has a proven capability to operate in the shallow waters around windfarms. And choosing the Cougar meant we had an electric system with the power to operate the anode replacement tool that avoided having to resort to the size and cost of a workclass vehicle."

The Cougar’s power and maneuverability meant that SubC were able to create an anode replacement system capable of handling anodes weighing up to 40 kg and in lengths up to 1100 mm – and can be adapted for any size of anode.

“It not only saves diving operations and increases personnel safety significantly, but a Cougar electric system substitutes very expensive alternative technology solutions based on hydraulics,” concludes Klaus Brix.

Images courtesy of SubC Partner

The Saab Seaeye Cougar XT is the only system with the power to operate the SubC anode replacement tool, and also operate in strong shallow water currents.

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